How to Prevent Bad Summer Break Habits

English 2 Honors' summer reading assignment and school year curriculum.
English 2 Honors’ summer reading assignment and school year curriculum.

By Prisca To

Once the final bell of the school year rings, we all race out of school, ready to have the best break ever. We have more than 2 months, and we can do everything and anything. However, before you know it, we have two weeks left and piles of untouched summer homework. Fight procrastination and have a stress-free and timely summer using these tips!

– If you have to read a book over summer, read a couple pages every day.

Doing this will ensure that you don’t have to speed read at the end or just go to sparknotes! Reading every day will help make the book seem shorter, and it won’t take that much time out of your summer.

 – Figure out which projects will take the longest and do them first.

Saving the worst for last is never a good idea. Get the hard homework assignments done first so that the rest of your work doesn’t seem as challenging and you don’t put it off.

 – Schedule days where all you do is homework.

Having a set schedule of when to do homework and when to just have fun will give you some guidance in spreading the homework workload. Make sure to mix up the days because having a full month of hanging out will make it a lot harder to start homework!

 – Have study sessions with friends

There’s no harm in getting together and working as a group! If a bunch of you are in the same class, work together, but make sure you don’t just copy one another. Having friends with you while you study will make things a little bit more fun and you won’t dread it as much.

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