Jason Jacob: New Leader for Legend


Jason Jacob's leadership was on display as he directed students and staff after a bomb threat evacuated the school in March. Jacob was announced as Legend's new principal May 29.
Jason Jacob’s leadership was on display as he directed students and staff after a bomb threat evacuated the school in March. Jacob was announced as Legend’s new principal May 29.

By Mikayla Roberts

Finally the decision has been reached and the next Legend High School Principal has been selected. As Corey Wise steps down as principal to take his new job as Director of the 21st Century Learning and Leadership for Douglas County Schools at the High School Level, Assistant Principal and Advisor Jason Jacob steps up to take on this new role.

The decision of appointing Jacob was reached May 29 just before the Class of 2014’s graduation.

“As Principal, I am hoping to continue to help build Legend into the best school in the state of Colorado.  This means learning and activity opportunities for students and continue to add on to our family atmosphere and good culture within the Parker community,” said Jacob.

Jacob was a part of the core team that opened Legend in 2008. He has served as the Athletic Director for the six years he has been here. Before coming to Legend, he worked at Chaparral as a science teacher, basketball coach and then an administrator.

Every incoming leader brings new outlooks and goals to the future of their job. “ One of my goals for going into next year is working with students to create some new traditions to keep the spirit and culture growing at Legend as well as revisit some of the current traditions and what we can do to make them stronger,” said Jacob.

Becoming a candidate and going through the entire process for being named a principal is very lengthy and time-consuming.

“It first started with the typical resume and letters of recommendation.  They call that the paper screening process,” Jacob said. “After that, candidates were given five questions via email and we had to film ourselves answering those five questions conversationally in 15 minutes and then submitting to be viewed by the district.”

“Next, was a two hour interview at the district. At this level there were four different committees for this two-hour process.  Candidates spent 30 minutes with each committee and rotated through.”

During the principal selection process each person gets interviewed and assessed by committees. “The committees consisted of a group from district assessment, Assistant Superintendent and World Class Instruction Coordinator, Director of Middle School and High Schools, and finally a group of principals and representatives from Human Resources,” Jacob said.

“From there I was moved on to the building interviews at Legend.  There were two committees for a two-hour interview.  The first committee was made up of teachers, support staff, and parents.  The second committee was a group of students from Legend.  After this process I met with the Director of High Schools, Steve Johnson, for another hour and then finally met with Dr. Fagen, our superintendent, for about 30 minutes,” said Jacob.

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