Yearbook Staff Captures Memories

IMG_3372By Caylin Spilman

As the school year comes to a close, the familiar sight of a big black book is becoming common around classrooms and the lunchroom. The 2014 Epic yearbook is out, and students can be seen carting it from class to class, along with Sharpies so their friends to sign a message to them.

This year’s yearbook is huge, 295 page book with quotes from students and teachers scattered all over the big pages. The clever layout has a blurb on a unique individual lining each page, and six word quotes students use to describe themselves go along the edges and fit with the theme of “A Legend Is a Story.” Pictures of clubs and sports teams are at the end, and stories on big events, such as Homecoming and Wise leaving Legend, cut in between classes.

The yearbook staff did a very good job this year, taking fantastic pictures of the Mr. Titan pageant and the Homecoming dance-offs between sports teams. The six letter quotes from students on the sides offers quick batches of entertainment, mainly because people say things like “Supernatural got cancelled. Now I’m crying,” to which I can totally relate.

So, except for a few name misspellings, misquotes and random name placement, little errors that are inevitable in a book this size, the yearbook staff did well capturing this year.

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