Jeans 4 Teens

By Doann Tran

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to get rid of your old jeans and donate them to a good cause, you’re finally in luck. Legend’s Interact club, sponsored by Volunteer Coordinator Tamara Krause, started a Jean Drive to help out two local shelters, Urban Peak and Excelsior School for Girls.​

“I think the concept of giving, and trying to help those that may not have as much as we do is something everyone should learn more about,” Krause said.

At the moment, Krause is extremely hopefully about the turnout of this event because she’s heard that there’s a big “buzz around and a lot more jeans are coming.” Krause has been passionate about helping others and and wants people to  help someone new every day.

“I love knowing that what little I do in my part of the big world can make even a small impact. We can all help others, every day, through any kind word or gesture, someone who may need ​a smile, a hug, or help with their homework,” Krause said.

This Jean drive is dedicated to teenagers who aren’t as fortunate as we are. The drive was collecting jeans in any size or style, worn or ripped, and it’ll make sure that the jeans get to the teenagers who need them the most in Colorado.

“We hope that in the future we can do something similar to this and continue to help the less fortunate,” club President Rebecca Subzwari said.

“Service Above Self,” is the basic premise of Interact club and it means to put others before yourself. This club has a big part in organizing volunteer activities all around Parker. From wearing character costumes down on Mainstreet to pass out candy on Halloween, to helping out with the “That Girl” conference, this club strives to give back to the community in any way.

“Ever since the interact club was created, I have wanted to be apart of it. I love helping the community and learning new things about helping others and becoming a leader,” said Subzwari, “even the littlest thing can make a huge difference to someone else.”

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