School Store

By Taylor Hourigan

When walking down the lower hallway to the lunch room, students may notice a new development settled where a janitor’s store room used to be. If they choose to walk inside, they will find anything from candy to cookies to spirit wear–DECA’s school store is in full swing.

The store opened on October 22 after about two months of construction to advertisements on the School’s website and daily announcements.

Open all periods A days and B days except for eighth period, the store is operated by student volunteers who can receive extra credit for Mrs. Becker’s Level One and Two Marketing classes. Two such volunteers are junior Emily Vance and senior Teller Hoskins.

“We see about twenty-five people a day, usually,” Hoskins said. “Most people just walk by”

Spirit wear can be bought at the store, including Legend scarves, lanyards, hats, sweatshirts and t-shirts.

Food, such as coffee, cookies, instant ramen noodles, pistachios, popcorn, tea, and even the only soda available for student purchase–Fresca–are also stocked for purchase.

“Our most popular item is probably the popcorn. I don’t think people really know exactly what we have in the store,” Vance said. “I think they’d be surprised if they walked in, actually.”

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