Got Gym?

PE Classes at Legend

By Joe Ciardullo and Kyra Klay

As we get closer to the end of the school year, we also get closer to class registration for next year. There are many important aspects to think about when choosing classes for the year.

At Legend, it is required to take at least a full credit (year) of a gym class. When it comes to Physical Education, Legend has many options to fit your athletic needs.

The classes offered are: Team Sports, Individual Sports, Strength and Conditioning, Power Weights, and Shape Up. If these are not for you, there are two other classes offered that do not require running, lifting, stretching orother exercises. A student can also take either Healthy Decisions or Athletic Training.

“I really recommend joining team sports because it is very fun and it is not very hard,” sophomore Ben Kriech said.

In PE classes you are graded on attendance, dressing out, and, occasionally, small assignments. These classes are a very easy and fun way to get your credits.

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