AP Calculus BC vs Calculus 3

Which class is more challenging?
By Caleb Stuart

AP Calculus BC is the most challenging math class offered to students when they are in high school. Some may think that Calculus 3 is more challenging but Calculus 3 does not involve the AP test at the end of the year. AP Calculus BC involves the college test at the end of the year which means that students will have less stress when it comes to studying for finals.

The AP test that takes place at the end of the year is perhaps one of the hardest tests that a student can take.  It is a combination of a Calculus 2 and a Calculus 3 test. Students that take the test are given a subscore for both classes.

Generally, in class Mrs. Cynthia Henderson teaches one section of the book per day.  On top of this, students are given about thirty questions from the book as homework, every night.  If students fall behind on the homework, it will be a challenge to catch up, as new problems are assigned.

Calculus is a combo of everything that students have learned in math.  Students need to know the formulas for the area and volume of different shapes and objects from Geometry.  Also, students need to have an in depth knowledge of how to solve for variables when given an equation which they have learned in Algebra.  All of these things come together to create real world problems like “A rectangular swimming pool 16 m by 12 m is being filled at a rate of 0.9 m3/min.  How fast is the height h rising?”

AP Calculus BC is the most challenging math class a student can take as a high schooler.  It is remarkable for high school students to be in Calculus 3 but the fact that AP Calculus BC is a combination of two levels of math and it has the extremely challenging AP test at the end of the year.  These couple of things make AP Calculus BC more challenging that Calculus 3, even if Calculus 3 is considered to be the more advanced math class.

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