How to: Stay Positive Under Stress

Life can be stressful. We deal with that stress through sports, video games, shopping, being active, but sometimes the stress can be too much to keep in and we take it out on our friends, family, or even strangers. This week, I will go over tips to staying positive when dealing with a lot of stress.


1. Get Organized

– Making a list of things you have to get done will help, you won’t forget to do something if you have it all written down in one place. Going off of that, organizing your room and binders will help you feel more put-together and ready to get more done.

2. Talk to Friends

– Talking about what stressed you out will help release some of the feelings that make you feel angry or upset about small things. It’s okay be be stressed, but talking about it and learning how to deal with it is a huge step towards being more positive.

3. Take Time for Yourself

– Take some time to paint your nails or do a facemask and relax! You’ll be more productive and positive when you take some time to yourself. As for you guys, same goes to you! Try a facemask, watch some of your favorite TV shows, and take some time just for you.

4. Focus on only what you have control over.

– If you can’t change something, why worry about it? Bad grades can be fixed, it does more damage to yourself to stress about things you no longer have control over. Instead, study for that next quiz or test and practice so you’re better prepared next time.

5. One thing at a time

– Don’t try to get 10 things done at once, focus on one task at a time, take breaks, and do them in order of most stressful to least. For example, if you have a test, a quiz, and two homework assignments all due tomorrow, study for the test, then the quiz, then do both homework assignment. Make sure you aren’t multi-tasking, and if needed, go back and study a little more after everything else is done.

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