Is Our Parking too Complicated?

The issues with our parking lot

By Zoe Cox


With or without snow on the ground in the blue and orange lots, the parking lots before and after school are a disaster. It seems to most juniors and seniors that as more and more parking passes get sold to the newly licensed sophomores, more and more parking tickets are being given to students.

It’s beginning to become frustrating to all upperclassmen. Most of us have first off, have an appointment for something before school, or are just having a rough morning and are running late. So for the administration to blame us for not being able to find parking is ridiculous.

We’ve been told that if we get here earlier, then there are many places to park. Although that is true, sometimes life happens and not everyone can get to school right on time, and many upperclassmen do not have a first period.

The lots are filling up faster as the year goes on and it becomes harder and harder to find a parking spot. Some days, there are none. When there are no more spots left, and a new tardy rule being held at our school, it is impossible to blame the students for having to make up their own parking spots. Even if a student were to show up early they will end up being late to class due to looking for a spot.

Also, giving student parking tickets for being forced to park in an endcap or a handicap spot is ridiculous. We are all teenagers and we know better than to park in those spots, however, it is challenging when we are only left with those options.

As upperclassmen, we have all paid a huge out of our own paychecks in order to park in the parking lots at our school. We have been given more responsibility as we have grown up, and most of us don’t have a choice other than to drive to school. So, yes, it is frustrating when we are given another fee for not parking in an actual spot, when really, it was our only choice. We pay for a spot in our parking lot, so we should be able to have one everyday without any trouble.

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