Popular Opinion: This School is Too Cold

Let’s turn the heat up!

By Zoe Cox

Throughout the 2018-19 school year there has been an obvious change in the temperature at Legend. Of course, as the seasons come and go throughout the year, both weather and temperature change. We come to school after a long summer only to transition to a beautiful, but cold fall. We finally pass our finals and are let out of school to enjoy our winter break. Then comes spring where everything comes back to life and temperatures start to become warm again. However, the temperature being referred to is not at all based on the weather outside; it is solely based on the freezing cold temperatures inside our learning environment each and every day.

A good variety of our peers could tell you the exact same thing; our school isn’t too hot or just right, it is freezing. By taking a closer look inside each classroom, there are easily a handful of people shivering while listening to a lecture, or wearing extra layers while taking their tests. Not only do people bring their coats to school, but there are a good group of people who bring their blanket to class in order to comfortably learn.

Although it is April, and April in Colorado tends to be colder, these cold temperatures have always been a consistent complaint throughout this entire school year, especially since January. Even when school just got back and temperatures outside were still high, there were always people walking around with a coat in their hand in preparation for sitting in the freezing cold classrooms.

A random poll was made on Twitter last week, which brought attention to the school’s cold temperatures, and allowed a variety of students to share their opinion. Of the 81 Legend students that voted, 63% of them said that they think it is too cold inside Legend.

Based on the poll, it is obvious that more than one person in our school thinks the temperatures are too low inside. In fact, almost two-thirds of students agree, which is a conflict that should be addressed. More than half the students at Legend are too focused on how cold the school is rather than the work and learning in front of them. Because students are so focused on how cold it is inside, they are unable to focus on anything else, such as what they came there to do; to learn.

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