A New Regime: Introducing Legend’s New Basketball Coach

Zach Gotlieb

It’s the beginning of a new era for the Legend boy’s basketball program. For the first time since the school opened in 2008, the basketball team will be led by a new head coach. Social studies teacher Mr. Brenning will now also go by Coach Brenning as he begins his first year as the head coach of the program.

Going into his 21st year coaching basketball, Brenning is not short on experience.

“I have coached at all levels. I have been a youth coach, club coach, a lower-level coach, I’ve been a head coach, this’ll be my fourth time being a head coach. I’ve been in college as a coach, and I’ve been in the NBA,” Coach Brenning said.

His time in the NBA came as an assistant coach on the Denver Nuggets staff in 2009 during the Nuggets’ most successful season to date. His experience in the NBA, and at all levels, is going to be a significant influence on how he goes about coaching his team. 

“Every place that I’ve been, you do kind of take stuff with you. I think the biggest thing is just not getting too high and not getting too low. Know it’s a long season,” Brenning said. 

Coach gets it. The approach has to stay the same among winning and losing streaks. The biggest keys in approaching a season: hard work and development. So far, as preseason workouts start-up, coach is pleased with what he’s seen. 

“I’ve noticed that we have a lot of hard workers… They really want to be good, so they’re putting in the work. We’ve had 6:30 workouts in the mornings four days a week. We’ve averaged about 39 kids; we’ve had up to 56 kids show up throughout the time. So they’re committed. I think all of these players want to be good.”

He also recognizes that the roster has a ton of talent, as well. He spoke to how there’s a lot of really talented players at every position, especially at guard. Utilizing all of his guys on offense is an area of focus for Coach Brenning. 

The offense was stood stagnant a lot of the time last season. The hope is to change it up and be more efficient.

“We’re going to be doing a little different style – a little faster, we’re gonna press a little bit more. We’re kind of doing a little bit of a different offense than what Legend’s done in the past. We’re trying to keep a lot of the good things. The program’s in strong shape. We’re gonna be doing a little bit more up-tempo and a little more run and gun,” Brenning said.

The hope is to breathe some fresh air into the team. Also focusing on their strengths, which are all about shooting and athleticism.

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