The Forgotten Sports Teams of Legend: Hockey

Spencer Hughes | December 10th, 2019

Welcome to the Forgotten Sports Teams: Legend, an opinion column in the newspaper discussing some of the smaller sports teams and events in our great school and revealing highlights and accomplishments of each of the programs. In this edition, we will be covering the hockey team and the unique setup of our team.

Today, we’ve been joined by Joseph Holguin, a player for the combined Legend-Chaparral-Ponderosa team for years. Even though it’s a combined team from three different high schools, Joseph says it’s been a great sport and he’s gotten to know his teammates across schools over the years. “At first I thought it was going to be kind of weird since we all go to different schools, but it’s not that weird since we all grew up playing club hockey together.” Over the years, the difficulty and level of play have increased, as more students from these schools and other districts begin playing hockey for their high schools, not just club hockey. As students of Legend, we also were interested in how Joseph felt about school support and knowledge of the hockey team. To this, he said “The support could be better, we kind of get lost to the bigger sports. [I hope] more people come out to the games, they’re fast, they’re fun, lots of big hits and lots of goals.” Joseph also is excited for this year, as he says this is the best the team has been, “both on paper and in chemistry, we’re better than most teams in the state.” It’s an exciting year for hockey, and we hope to see more info on the hockey team’s wins and successes.

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