Take a Bow

The Troupe Continues Outside of Shows

By Lauren Penington

Legend’s own thespian troupe found themselves downtown this past weekend at the Colorado Thespian Convention. From dawn to dusk, the members of the society attended workshops, one-acts, and other events to enhance their skills. From acting to dancing to writing, the students took the opportunity to learn and grow their passions. 

“I definitely grew out of my shell this weekend — with confidence as well as my skills,” senior Shaylen Flaherty said. “Whether that was my acting and singing skills, improv, or vocal range, I worked to expand myself in all these areas.”

For thespians, this is a world they love. Many of the members look forward to this convention to all year and nothing, not even finals, will stop them from enjoying it. 

“I love theatre,” sophomore Olivia Pirello said. “I really enjoy the chance to spend three days getting engrossed in a world I love.” 

In addition, most of the troupe took the opportunity to participate in events or challenges. In individual events, students perform pieces they have prepared for judges and receive a rating for their performance. 

“I chose a song that I’d been working on for a while,” senior Alison Odekirk said. “I knew it would be a good chance for me to develop my skills and take some risks. I felt like I really learned a lot and got to try some new things.”

Odekirk also took the opportunity to watch several other events to learn from them.

“I felt like I got some new perspectives by watching other people perform and got more comfortable taking risks in my own performance” Odekirk said.

Legend’s Tech Challenge participants brought the school a stunning second place win. 

This was not the only success of the convention: senior Sunjoi Gandhi was the recipient of two awards. She received the Critic’s Choice for Stage Management as well as the coveted Tech Scholarship — a $2,000 reward. 

Every moment of the weekend sparked growth and passion in Legend’s theatre troupe.

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