Legend Korean Club

A new club at our school.

By Tobias Estrella

One of the most important ways for students to express themselves academically is by being involved in the school by creating or joining a club. Created just this year by junior Seneca Lamphier, Korean Club aims at celebrating Korean culture by learning about the language, traditions, food, and art. She was inspired in a Korean school while creating a reporter project about misconceptions about Korean.

“My idea was to make a club at my school and they flew me to Seattle and I got a scholarship so I started it,” said Seneca Lamphier, 11.

During the meetings, members participate in various activities that relate to Korean culture. These include games, trying different kinds of Korean dishes and snacks, practicing and learning words from the language, and learning the truths about the culture that have been blurred with time.

“I think that Korean club is unique from other clubs because it focuses on having the club members enjoy their time there rather than focusing on the content of the club, which makes it more fun to go to. During the meetings we do lots of fun activities, one of my favorites being origami, I like doing origami because Seneca talks about the meaning of the object we’re making as we’re making it” said Ella Huston, 11.

The club plans to continue to grow and improve with time. Additionally, as the members become more involved and informed about Korean culture, the activities become more valuable and rewarding.

“I think that the club will become more fun and involving and maybe more people will join. We might cook some food or make paper mâché Korean traditional masks. The club can improve by making it more audience involving and hands-on” said Lamphier.

As the club continues to improve with its members’ ambition, there will be more diverse activities during meetings and more participation.

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