/Orchestra In Christmas Season

Orchestra In Christmas Season

By: Rachel Webster

Orchestra, a class full of musicians, performed at their Christmas concert on the night of December 9th. As some might say, this concert was a good one. 

“It’s fun to play with a group because it’s not just your skills individually but everyone’s talent colminates into one group effort,” said Tommy Hasler (Senior). 

“I really like the people in orchestra like my section. We are all buddies; we have nicknames for eachother and I think that’s really fun cause it helps team building and we are more willing to work on things that we do in orchestra if we like eachother,” said Emmline Lewarne (Senior)

Some musicians have been playing since they were in elementry school. Lewarne started playing the violin when she was in third grade. As for Hasler, he’s been playing the violin since he was four. He now plays the base that he started playing in middle school. 

“It went really well, I think we did a good job with blending and overall just having a good time cause having a good time is the most important part,” said Lewarne.

As both Hasler and Lewarne go into college, Lewarne persues her passion for music. And for Hasler, he still plans on playing in college. 

“We are not clicky, we like to have fun,” said Lewarne.

“You know its fun. We do have concerts that are free, so feel free to come,” said Hasler.

As their last high school orchestra concert is only a semester away, their passion for music will always linger.