/Should colleges give scholarships to average people?

Should colleges give scholarships to average people?

By: Rachel Webster

As senior year comes around, many seniors are entering their transcripts to colleges. Although, some lucky people get scholarships for intelligence and athletics. You see lots of people with scholarships for smartness and grades and also for the athletics they play. But, you never see any colleges who give scholarships to people who are like everyone else. So the question really is, should colleges give scholarships to average people? 

In my opinion, there are many people who are like everyone else. Those people deserve college scholarships no matter if they are unique or not. In this world today, many students are the same, getting their work done, trying to get good grades, and trying out for sports. I understand that the people who get F’s, D’s, and C’s, shouldn’t get college scholarships as what college would want to pay for someone’s school work if they are someone who does the minimum effort of work. Colleges, overall, want students who try hard and go over the maximum effort, such as getting A’s. Getting a B in a class, shows that you are on grade level, which is still good, but getting an A in the class shows that you have gone above and beyond. Colleges should give scholarships out to those people with A’s as they are the people who do their very best. As I walk around the school, I can tell the type of person and about their grades. At Legend, I can tell that most of the school has A’s or B’s in classes. These people should also get college scholarships. 

Even though we are talking about scholarships, it also can bring up the topic of, should colleges be free like K-12? Or should colleges be a requirement for all students? Although these topics relate, they are argruments for another time.  

On the other hand of college scholarships are athletics. Should someone who is apart of a team who was successful, get a scholarship for that sport? In my opinion, those people should. If you are apart of a team who won state or regionals, or even won 12 games and lost the 13th, you should get a college scholarship. Just because you maybe played five out of the 12 times, doesn’t mean a college scolar should look at you and think about a college scholarship. Just because you aren’t the M.V.P. doesn’t mean you should get the oppurtunity for a scholarship. Everyone should be looked at for the opportunity of a college scholarship.

So, all in all, the average people who do their work, get it turned in on time, and are apart of a team with lots of wins, should be offered college scholarships. But this essay, doesn’t mean we aren’t supporting the other side, it is really up to you and what you think on the topic of should college scholarships be given to average people?