/Should High School Students be Assigned Homework Over Breaks?

Should High School Students be Assigned Homework Over Breaks?

By: Rachel Webster

As break comes closer and closer to touching high school students, finals comes as well. I always thought that because of the finals, winter break would be the one break where you wouldn’t have to do any school work. Well, I was wrong. I recently learned that I will have to read a book over break. Although this isn’t a lot, think about the students who have a whole week’s worth of homework? This brought up the detailed debate question of should high school students be assigned homework over breaks? 

For many students when break is in sight everyone wants to push that last stretch in order to make it to break. Once students get to break, they feel relieved. But how would it feel for you to be relieved and then get assigned homework over break? In my opinion, this isn’t okay. Teachers don’t need to do homework or work over breaks, so why should students have to either? The whole purpose of a break is to have a break from all of those stressful tests and homework assingments. 

As one of the longest break comes less than a week away, I understand if there was a short assignment over this two week break. But, more than a short, maybe an hour, assignment, shouldn’t be allowed. If you are like me and get stressed when there is a lot on your plate, you will understand that it shouldn’t be acceptable to give kids homework over the break. No matter if it is a two or one week break. Students might feel overloaded and giving them more stress over their, supposed to be, relaxing break. It should be acceptable to give students homework over a break. 

What about summer break, should students be assigned homework? Just because summer is a long three month break, doesn’t mean students need something to do on those chill days. Teachers don’t have to do any work over summer break so should students not have to do any work as well? When you ask students what they plan to do over summer break, most say that they are going to travel. Summer break is the one time of year that students are off of school for more than two weeks. Students should be able to travel and spend time with their family without worrying about the homework they were assigned to complete. Most students want to end high school with good grades on their transcript. How would you feel if you failed on an assignment that was assigned over a break just because you were traveling and couldn’t do it on a plane? Most of us would be furious. 

This opinion story is a debate between the students and the homework assigners–also known as teachers. Now, this story may not convince anyone to cancel any homework over break, but it may give everyone a new perspective of homework over break.