/Should We All Become Vegetarian?

Should We All Become Vegetarian?

By: Rachel Webster

As I sit in the classroom writing this, I began to think about dinner and lunch. I soon realize that meat is everywhere in our lives; we have it for almost every meal. We have it on our pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and more. You almost never see a restaurant without meat on the menu. So the big question is, would it be hard to become vegetarian and give up all of that meat in your life? 

Many vegetarians don’t want to eat meat as they don’t want to eat once live animals, or from what I’ve heard. Although this is a good reason, what about the fact of how much pollution factory farms are putting into the air? Is food more important than global warming that can affect future generations? How do we want to live when we are 50 years old? According to “11 Facts About Factory Farms and the Environment,” factory farms release more than 450 million tonnes of manure annually into the air. Every breath we take could become a breath full of manure. Is this how we want to live?

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t eat meat, because meat is good. All I am saying is that we should cut down on the amount of meat we eat. Now, this isn’t a vegetarian telling you these things, even I am eating meat in most of my meals. Look at my lunch today, I am having a ham sandwich. If you walk into the cafeteria at Legend High School you can smell and see the pizza with pepperoni on it, the chicken sandwhiches, and the hamburgers. For now, we should start to limit our meat down to maybe once every week, just like the early Americans did. But, of course there would be that one person who would still continue to have meat everyday. 

It’s your choice, but think about what that one meat on your sandwich could do to the environment if you keep eating it. Maybe don’t become a vegetarian, maybe just have some more grains, vegetables, and fruit, and have meat once in a while. Because maybe that one piece of meat saved will help your family in the future.