/Swimming Has Begun

Swimming Has Begun

By: Rachel Webster

As girls swimming and diving season begins with their first meet starting December 5th, they have been practicing.

“This season I am hoping to make the qualification scores for coaches and state!” said diver Hannah Block (junior). 

The most important meets, according to Block, are elite on December 7th and Coaches on December 14th. According to Ashley Jackson (freshman), the most important meets are Cherry Creek Elite on December 7th and Coaches.

“The start of season is always exciting for everyone getting back into the swing of things,” said Block. 

The upcoming competition, the Cherry Creek Elite, only eight swimmers will compete, which is choosen by the coach. 

“So, I do both teams. I do Colorado Stars and High School at the same time. So, I go to some high school practices. High school practices are an hour and a half each and they are 5 days a week. I’ll go to a high school practice and then I’ll go strate to my club practice for about two hours,” said first year varsity A swimmer, Jackson. “I think the team is really good. We have about 50 swimmers and a couple divers. And so, I think we are doing pretty good. Our varsity A team is really good this year.”

As swimming and diving season continues, so do the hard workers.