/The End of Gymnastics Season

The End of Gymnastics Season

By: Rachel Webster

An untalked about sport, high school gymnastics, is being brought up. As the end of the season competition passed— also known as State—the gymnasts wrap up their season. As multiple schools combine into one team, many freshmen are welcomed onto the team. 

“There is a lot of young people on my team which means we have a lot of potential. They’re like my family. We are always there for each other and supporting each other through everything. We also stand up for the competitors when they are competing and cheer them on. Everyone on the team is always at every meet whether they are competing or not. We depend on each other and have an amazing bond. We can always trust each other and help one another whether we are at practice or not,” said Peyton Carlson (Sophmore). 

As a fall sport, their season has ended, but their friendships haven’t. 

“I will always remember the new friendships I made that impacted my life. As a team I feel like we really became a family and I love each and every one of my teammates,” said first-year, Tiana Estrella (Freshman). 

Heading toward regionals, the team dropped their team score because of falls and executions at State. Although they didn’t place the greatest, it was an overall wrap-up to the season.

“I don’t like having multiple schools in one gymnastics team because we don’t get as much attention as the other sports nor do we get as much money given to us,” states Carlson. 

Although gymnastics doesn’t get lots of recognition, there are some positive points to having multiple schools into one team. 

“It’s a good way to meet new people from different schools that you probably wouldn’t of met before if you didn’t do team,” said Piper Hartman (Sophmore).

Even though the hard-working team’s season has come to an end, they can always look forward to next season.