Videolicious or Videoscusting?

Does this app have what it takes to help the average joe make professional videos?

By Tobias Estrella

As technology continues to advance and we become more and more reliant on our devices, the video media has taken an essential role in how we share and process information. This means that being able to make and edit videos is now a necessary skill for all ages to keep up with this digital age. As a result, many app developers have created apps that are made to be simple for all kinds of users to create videos for various purposes. One of these is Videolicious; a video editing and recording app specialized for journalists and marketers. However, is getting an app that has a specific use rather than unlimited creative control better? Has simplicity led to laziness and monotony?

The app needs to be first explored through its built-in tutorial. From launch, it explains to you the entire process of creating a video using the app, from start to finish. This includes creating a script, recording a video of yourself reading at a reasonable pace, and sharing your video. Immediately Videolicious is one of few apps that implements a teleprompter efficiently and seamlessly. The script is placed next to the camera in a changeable font and speed, based on the user’s preference. This means that you do not have to memorize long scripts and do not look like a confused fool trying to remember or looking off-camera to read. Next, the app quickly compresses your file for sharing, making the whole process contained within the app.

Simplicity is just as much as a reason to get Videolicious as it is to not get it. There are not a lot of options to give your video uniqueness or precise editing. This means it might not always come out perfect or seem amateur when the app is aimed at professional situations. Most of these editing features are only available through a premium subscription, a cost that could be better used on a higher quality software or equipment. Since all of the process is contained within the app, it also encourages the user to use their phone camera instead of a DSLR or Camcorder where settings are easier to control. If the user wants to do something specifically, for example, add a certain transition, it is more difficult to figure out how rather than settle for something basic.

Overall, there are plenty of free editing apps. Especially for Apple users, iMovie is an excellent option that is both universal and fast. Taking the time to learn this inutive software reflects greatly on the professionalism and care put into a video. Videolicious could improve by adding video editing basics like a timeline or project management, and more tweakable options for more demanding users.

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