The Forgotten Sports Teams: Swim Team

Welcome to the Forgotten Sports Teams, Events, and Clubs: Legend, an opinion column in the newspaper discussing some of the smaller sports teams and events in our great school and revealing highlights and accomplishments of each of the programs. In this edition, we will be covering the Swim team and the unique setup of our team.

By Spencer Hughes

Sadly, swimming pools are quite large, expensive, and difficult to maintain, so schools typically need to agree to share full sized competitive pools amongst each other. Legend’s team uses Cherokee Trail’s pool for both practices and home meets. Admittedly, it’s not the most accessible place to get to if you’re trying to go to meets, but they are a ton of fun. 

“It’s so fun! If you actually go to a swim meet and actually cheer for people, it’s just such a good, positive environment with so much energy and I love it,” senior Paige Feeder said. 

The season may have only just started, but even early on the swim team has had some impressive accomplishments and are looking to add more as we start to get deeper into the swim season.

“We just got all of our relays [teams] qualified for state. It’s really early in the season, so we’ll probably have a bunch of girls on our team hit individual state qualifying times pretty soon,” Feeder said. 

Interest is gaining, but it’s still not enough. Come out. Watch these incredible swimmers. You won’t be disappointed. 

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