Legend Gives Back

Legend Organizes Food Drive

By Ronak Dsouza

The month of December often sees an increase in donations, especially that of food to those in need, as people find themselves in the holiday spirit. However, after the month passes donations tend to die down. What happens to those in need after the holiday season is over?

“There are a lot less donations in January to food banks compared to other months,” senior Carson Cramer said. “There is much more of a struggle to feed people this month.”

He, along with seniors Adit Desai, Lucas Ericson, and Andrew Lapoint, decided to help combat this issue by starting a food drive in Legend. Their solution has been in the works for a while.

“We started an organization, the Parker Food Rescue,” senior Adit Desai said. “We got it formalized with the IRS last August.”

From their Food Drive at Legend alone, they have received 280 pounds of donations, however the group’s work is not limited to Legend.

“We do food pickups every week after school,” senior Lucas Ericson said. “We take the donations from stores over to Southeast Christian.”

After their recent success at Legend and other participating stores, the group of boys are now looking to grow even more.

“Our plan for the future is to work with various grocery stores and restaurants in the Parker area to deliver food to more food banks and people in need,” senior Andrew Lapoint said.

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