Signing For Their Future

Senior Athletes Committing To Colleges

By Ronak Dsouza

Last Wednesday, many Legend seniors took part in National Signing Day. The ceremony had one of the largest groups of seniors committing in Legend history with fifteen committing. 

“It was really cool because I didn’t expect that many students to sign,” said senior Josh Smith. 

These group of seniors had already gone through the signing process earlier. The ceremony was more for recognizing the students’ athletic endeavors.

“You have to do the actual signing at home at 7 o’clock,” said senior James Lemons. “The ceremony is more for show and recognition, so for my signing I drew a picture of a dog.

Student athletes committed in a variety of sports, ranging from football to soccer to wrestling. 

For many of these students, it has been a lifelong goal to commit and participate in athletics in college.

“UNC has been my dream school for a while for athletics,” said senior Lucy Roberts. “It was really exciting to commit because I had been waiting for it, for a while.”

Lucy, along with many of the other signing students, has been competing in her respective sport, soccer, for a large part of their life.

“I’ve been playing golf since I was pretty young, so it’s always been a dream of mine to continue playing in college,” said senior Clara Hosman. 

Although this has been a dream come true for many of the athletes, the actual Signing Day event was full of mixed emotions.

“At first I was really nervous but when it was my turn to go up and sign, I was really excited for my next chapter in life,” said senior Sydney Dreiling.

The event signals the start of the oncoming end for the senior class and the close graduation date.

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