Emma Dobrec Makes Her Long Awaited Return to the Court

It’s been eight long months for senior Emma Dobrec. After tearing her peroneal tendon in her ankle, she finally made her long-awaited return on Tuesday night.

“It’s been intense. It’s been a lot of running and jumping and trying to regain my balance. Cause I lost a lot of muscle and control of my ankle after they went through and did everything they had to.” Dobrec said on her rehab.

Her return came somewhat unexpectedly. She was permitted to rejoin in basketball activity just a few weeks ago, and would slowly start ramping up activity. She got the call that she was going to play in the game on Tuesday against Heritage High School about an hour before she was supposed to get to the gym for warm-ups.

“It was amazing honestly, cause I’ve worked so hard to like come back finally. Like it’s been probably four months of rehab like after the surgery, so once I finally got into a game, it just felt right. I was really excited… oh yeah, always nervous,” Dobrec said.

It was an outstanding game for the Legend girls team overall. They finished the night with a 42-10 blowout against Heritage. The game was headlined by a first-half that ended with a 24-0 shutout.

“I’m just glad I could not like screw up a win,” she said.

There wasn’t much to screw up. Everybody had it going on both ends of the floor.

As for Emma, that was the last step of a very long and very strenuous eight months. Now, her eyes are set on helping her team finish the season strong and towards achieving her goal of playing basketball at the college level.

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