Happy Accidents

As brushes swept and colors swirled across the canvas, one man’s calm voice guided the students in their painting journey.

Wednesday night marked the National Art Honor Society’s annual Bob Ross painting night. This marked the second year for the event and had a record turnout of over thirty students.

“It was a fun and relaxing experience,” senior Jordan Dockery said. “It was a fun way to get people more interested in art.”

The night consisted of an episode of Bob Ross’s show The Joy of Painting and following his tutorial. All of the art supplies were provided by National Art Honor Society through Ms. Hunter.

National Art Honor Society consists of art students from a wide range of mediums, not solely drawing and painting. While this event may have been more painting-focused, it did not shun away those with different artistic abilities.

“Even though I am bad at painting and do photography instead,” senior Kate Brunetti said. “I still had a lot of fun.”

Brunetti is an officer for National Art Honor Society, helping with planning and running this event. Apart from the art education it provides, she wants to highlight the bonus benefits.

“I think it is a great stress reliever to have before finals,” said senior Kate Brunetti. “You can just hang out with your good friends and bond with them over your love for Bob Ross and painting, in general.”

She hopes that this event will continue to as successful even after she graduates.

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