Store Style Review: H&M

Welcome to the brand-new series: Store Style Review: where I will personally review the versatility, quality, and the overall style of individual stores and companies. 

Ah H&M, the IKEA of the clothing world. In my personal opinion, H&M is a good starting place for one’s personal style journey. Here’s some of the clothes that I bought on my first H&M trip.

The items I bought from my first H&M trip: a black bomber jacket, light-wash distressed denim jacket, a light blue Oxford cloth button down shirt, a pair of grey chinos, and a navy blue polo shirt.

The bomber jacket was not as heavy as I would have liked it to be but it’s good for spring and summer nights. The denim jacket was great and was my go-to jacket from the early spring to the late fall. The Oxford cloth button down I wore about three times until I noticed that it had an additional button. The grey chinos were another one of my go-to garments from H&M. They were perfect for creating smart casual looks. Finally, the navy blue polo was another one of my go-to garments, usually paired with the grey chinos.

I would say that H&M is great for fast fashion since it’s reasonably priced for the quality. To conclude, H&M is great for when you’re first growing your wardrobe, but should only remain there temporarily. 

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