An Opening Night Success: Once Upon a Mattress

A captivating show full to the brim with comedy, alluring musical numbers, and an enchanting story, Legend High School’s hard-working theater company has once again performed an enthralling musical in this year’s production of Once Upon a Mattress. 

By Cassidy Knox

All images courtesy of Isabel Roguske (10)

Once Upon a Mattress is a musical that follows the story of a queen who has forbidden others from getting married until her son was to be wed to “a real princess.” Putting all of the princess’s suitors through unfair tests to find out if they are a true princess, others in the land grow tired of the never-ending test, prolonging everyone else’s marriages, and they set out to do something about it. In this fabulous twist on the classic story of “The Princess and the Pea,” the musical comes to light on Legend High School’s stage, all for your enjoyment. 

With the direction and choreography of Katie Glide, technical direction of Ashley Wallace, musical direction of Phill Hatton, and head seamstress, Joan Stewart, these directors have put together a wonderful show through their dedicated hard work and passionate teaching. Talking about what he is most proud of pertaining to the show, Mr. Hatton (Choral Director for Legend) says he is “most proud of how much work the cast and crew has put in, especially in all the long hours they all put in in the past few weeks.” The theater student leadership team with members like Izzy Roguske (10), Thomas McLaren (11), Ash Munoz (11), Braydon Smith (12), Josh Stuart (12), and Emi Sekol (10) has also put in countless hours to make this show the joyful performance it is. Assistant director Izzy Roguske talks about how proud she is of “the teamwork everyone put together, and how even though there were some rough times during the process [of putting together the musical] it all came out to be a beautiful show.” 

The performing cast in this musical are truly amazing with their shocking vocals and hilarious acting. Norah Sergrist (10) playing the charismatic Princess Winnifred delivers an amusing performance complete with her stunning vocals–every note crisp and clear. Her onstage dialogue, along with Ben Jaridnes’s character (12), Prince Dauntless, is a truly wonderful part of the show. Norah reflects on what she is most proud of with the show saying, “It’s everyone’s energy; honestly this was the best run we’ve ever had. This was amazing.” Sydney Roguske (12) playing Queen Aggrravain, and Iris Pixler (11) playing Lady Larken put on two unforgettable performances as they both bring their characters to life through their brilliant acting.  Sydney Roguske’s favorite experience in the musical developing process is that “[she] loved really developing the character as a whole.” Iris Pixler talks about her favorite experience in the show’s development saying, “Coming to theater every day for rehearsal, and seeing everyone smile and being surrounded by people whom I love” is her best memory. Nora Sturm (10) playing the Lady in Waiting also talks about what she is most proud of when recalling the rehearsals leading up to this dazzling performance: “All of the choreography that [the actors] did, it was insane. [They] spent so much time on it, and it went so well.”

Attending the Legend theater program’s Once Upon a Mattress musical is a remarkable experience that no one at Legend should miss out on. From the lights and costumes to the remarkable acting and sensational vocals, this musical production warrants the standing ovation they got on opening night, predictably following in  the other shows to come. I would encourage everyone who hasn’t attended a show to go and see it on the remaining dates: April 14th, 15th, and 16th all at 7:00 p.m. Don’t miss your opportunity to attend this striking musical production.

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