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New Absence Policies

Why They Won’t Work

By Kyra Klay

Everyone knows that teenagers aren’t necessarily the best with time management and that is a given. We are late to sports, school, curfew, extracurricular activities and just about anything you can think of. As a teenager myself, I can personally tell you that I got 15 tardies in first period last semester which is not something that I am proud of. Many studies have shown a relationship between teenagers in not only time management, but also wake up times and being late.

As we are at the start of second semester in the 2019 school year, the school has decided to change the tardy and absence policy. They have stated that if a student is more than 15 minutes late to a class they will automatically be counted absent, along with eliminating tardy passes.

There has always been the same policy, when you are late you go to the attendance window for a tardy pass no matter how late you are. After five tardy passes you are issued detention or Saturday school. There was no reason to change the policy because no matter what, the student still had a punishment. Changing to this new policy will not only result in more tardies, but more absences which is what is trying to be avoided in the first place.

As a student and a teenager with time management issues, if I realize that I am going to be more than 15 minutes late now there would not be a reason to show up to class because it would only result in an absence, so there is no point. If the school stuck with the old policy, students would know they still need to show up no matter how late because they will still be counted present, just tardy instead of absent all together.

All students struggle with time management and arriving to things on time, yes some worse than others, but it does affect all teenage high school students as a whole. Changing these new policies will not just result in the opposite of the goal, but also make students less motivated to get to school as fast as possible if they’re running late.

How to: Write the Perfect College Essay

Makin’ It With Maddy

Show Yourself:

While mentioning names and numbers (classes and scores), make sure you also mention the kind of person you are. Be sure to cover things such as:

  • Life Experiences
  • Stories

These will help show what kind of person YOU are.

Start Early:

Don’t make the mistake of not having enough time.

  • Know the Deadline
  • Have ideas prepared
  • Don’t rush the writing process.

Be Detailed:

Like you’re writing a novel.

  • Talk about what things looked like (shoes, color, etc.)
  • Feelings are important (how did you feel after you won the championship, etc.)
  • Although detailed, try to stay away from big words you wouldn’t normally use.

It’s Not All About You:

  • Make sure to give credit to your teachers, parents, and others that have helped you.
  • Be aware of how many times you use “I”

Grammar and Punctuation:

  • Proofread, more than once.
  • Have someone else look over it.
  • If you mention the school, make sure it’s the right one.

New Year, New Me

Time is Relative and New Year’s Resolutions are Pointless

By Lauren Penington

Time has only as much meaning as we put into it. We are the only species who lives in fear of our inevitable death, not because of our elevated intelligence, but due to the fact that we govern our entire lives under the laws of time, a social construct that holds no real meaning in the traditional sense. There is a before and an after, but every second that ticks by is no more than a rustle of the wind, passing fleetingly and only given meaning by the realities of our mind.

In this line, consider the turning of the year. There are 31,536,000 seconds in a year. If that seems like a pointless number, that’s because it is. So, about every 8,760 hours we, as a species, decide to change something about our lives, become bigger and better or healthier and fitter. Every 525,600 minutes we feel obligated to make a resolution for the next series of time. There is no true rhyme or reason to the methods we measure time with, in fact the tools that claim to govern the bounty of time are, in fact, constructs of the same mold. The position of the sun is a product of Earth’s rotation, but is used to dictate the periods where society has deemed rest normal and work mandatory. Though not exceptionally useless as a schedule, the entire concept of governing our lives as decreed by a burning ball of fire in the sky is ludicrous at best.

The concept that we know as time, outside of the ideas of past and present, was created to aid us in our endeavors, but has instead limited our mentality. We have grown so accustomed to it, that we have created certain traditions around the turning of a faux year.

The idea of “New Year, New Me” is a mentality that with each new year comes the resolve to change things in our lives. In all actuality, the idea of New Year’s resolutions holds little meaning at best, and is detrimental at worse – bringing along with it a mentality that each year wipes away past mistakes. Regarding the continuous time stream, while it can be healthy to move on from the past and toward a brighter future, believing in infinite chances is not only harmful to oneself, but the people who surround them in their life. It develops a toxic mentality that actions, and the consequences of said actions, are inconsequential and are mendable at any point.

Look, time is relative, reality is an illusion and illuminati exists, yadda yadda yadda. It is important to, if nothing else, understand the importance of mentality and the role it plays in our lives. By investing so much in a relative year, we put ourselves in an unending loop of adrenaline highs that fuel our actions yearly. Don’t fall into the trap. That is, creating these yearly resolutions that we know will eventually fall through as our resolve collapses as we progress further away from the year end high. Make year-long goals, not year-end goals, and stick to them. Commit to things you know you have the ability to complete, and let each action fuel you to complete the next one. Live in the now, but plan for the future, don’t rely on the power of clocks ticking to dictate your life and actions.

Kehlani, The Weeknd, Billie Eilish and More

New Music From The Week Of January 7th

By Ronak Dsouza

It’s finally 2019 and that marks another year of great music to look forward to! While not as many full-length projects have been released recently, there are still a lot of great new songs to check out.

First, Kehlani starts off 2019 with a bop with the release of her new song, “Nights Like This.” In the track, Kehlani realizes that she was fooled by her lover into thinking that she had to stay with her. “Nights Like This” is very catchy showing off Kehlani’s light vocals. The song also features fellow R&B hitmaker, Ty Dolla $ign, with makes for an infectious tune due to the combination of the two’s voices.

Speaking of R&B, The Weeknd also enters 2019 with a banger with his feature on the song, “Lost In The Fire.” While The Weeknd is listed as a feature on the song, he is the star on the track with his enchanting voice and his lyrics. However don’t dismiss the main artist, Gesaffelstein, who creates a very catchy beat to match The Weeknd’s smooth vocals.

Finally, Billie Eilish asserts her prominence and dominance in pop and music, with her new track, “WHEN I WAS OLDER.” Eilish utilizes her signature soft singing style which creates a very ominous mood. This combined with the creepy beat, creates a very somber and unique listening experience. The song is a part of the soundtrack for the award-winning Netflix movie, ROMA.

Be sure to also give a listen to Normani and Sam Smith’s collaboration “Dancing With A Stranger,” Future’s songs “Jumpin On A Jet” and “Crushed Up”, Lana Del Rey’s new track “hope is a dangerous thing for a women like me to have – but I have it,” and the remix to Halsey’s hit single, “Without Me,” which features Juice WRLD.

Let’s Do it Raw

What exactly is a raw diet and is it good for your pets?

By Henley Holland


Now, for those of you that might not follow cute animal accounts on Instagram, there has been a recent spike in popularity for a raw diet for most pets (particularly dogs or ferrets). Even in modern days, racing greyhounds and sled dogs are most commonly fed raw diets, but with the rise of social media, the idea has started to move down into domestic households for more than just dogs. While veterinarians are still debating whether or not this diet is optimal for many pets, there are known benefits and risks as well.

Some benefits of a raw diet can include a shinier coat, healthier skin, higher energy levels, and cleaner, stronger teeth. But, especially without the proper knowledge and research done in advance, this diet can pose a significant threat to both the owner and the pet. Bacteria from raw meat (especially seedier products) can be lethal to humans and animals, failing to balance the diet properly can be detrimental to the animals health, and raw bones can break teeth, puncture internal organs, and even become a choking hazard if not handled properly.

Now, one common misconception is that raw food diets consist only of the raw meat and bones, which is where that danger of malnutrition comes into play. Muscle meat, raw or ground bones, organ meats (such as kidneys or livers), raw eggs, vegetables mixed in or stuffed into the meat (obviously with vitamins necessary for their health), raw eggs, fruit, and even yogurt. Many backers of this diet insist that the lack of processed materials going into their dog’s diet is tremendously beneficial, and while it might cost a bit more, the overall health of their pet is worth the cost.

So, while the jury is out on whether or not a raw diet is truly superior, before you consider switching to this diet, contact your vet and do your research beforehand; it will prevent a lot of issues down the road with such a drastic change. Know that this diet is expensive, requires extensive and meticulous planning in order to keep your pets healthy, and is still controversial in this day and age. But perhaps your interest has been piqued, so my advice to you, is to read for an hour or two on it before you commit and contact your vet. They did not go to school for almost a decade and saddle themselves with extensive debt for no reason, I promise!

The Best Things to do Around the Holiday Season

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

By Zoe Cox

So it’s finally the holiday season; the season everybody has been looking forward to since the beginning of January. School is finally out, testing is finally over, and finally, it’s time to relax. However, while doing nothing and having no responsibilities seems like the dream, after two weeks, it may get absolutely boring. So instead of staying at home and watching Netflix all break, get out and try something new! There are plenty of things to do in Colorado, especially during the holiday season.

Colorado is known for its Rocky Mountains, and long ski slopes. Although we take it all for granted, traveling to the Rocky Mountains during any time of the year is a trip you will not regret. Between the beautiful views and fun activities going skiing or snowboarding is the perfect thing to do over the holiday break. There are plenty of places to go such as Keystone, Breckenridge, Winter Park, and many more. Skiing is a fun thing to do with both friends and family, and is a trip you’ll never forget.

If skiing or snowboarding isn’t for you, and you’d rather do something that involves staying close to home, no worries! There are plenty of things to do, such as driving around and looking at Christmas lights, making cookies with friends or family, or going sledding. Each and every one of these activities can and will create memories that will last forever, and could potentially be newfound traditions.

However, if kicking back and staying at home seems way more entertaining than anything else, then maybe make good use of your time in the holiday season. Watch a holiday movie, listen to the holiday music, and create holiday crafts. There are plenty of things to do during this year’s holiday break, and if not, there is always next year!


XXXTentacion, Gucci Mane, Benny Blanco and more

Music Releases from the Week of December 3rd

By Ronak Dsouza


Even though the Grammy nominations came out this week, signaling a wrap-up to this year, there are still many music releases to quench your constant thirst for new music.

The biggest album that was released this week was Skins by the late XXXtentacion. Even though his untimely death occurred earlier this year, he still has a lot of unreleased music, which was released on his album, Skins. The lone feature on the album is the hip-hop star, Kanye West. The standout track is “BAD!” which does not have any rapping, but is pretty catchy.

Another big rap release this week came in the form of Evil Genius, Gucci Mane’s brother. Evil Genius has nineteen tracks and numerous features from Atlanta favorites like Migos and Lil Yachty to relatively new rappers like Youngboy Never Broke Again and Lil Skies. The standout track is “Wake Up In The Sky,” which features Kodak Black and Bruno Mars. While song has been popular for a while now, it still stands a great song to lift your mood or spirits.

Switching genres to electronica, make sure to check out Benny Blanco’s new album, FRIENDS KEEP SECRETS. As with many electronica albums, the list of features is long even with the album only containing seven songs. While the album contains the hit “Eastside” with Khalid and Halsey, the song you must listen to on the album is “Roses,” which features Juice WRLD and Brendon Urie. While this may seem to be a weird pairing, this also turns out to be a pretty entertaining collaboration.

Also be sure to check out Brett Young’s Ticket to L.A., the Mary Poppins Returns soundtrack, “Good Years” by Zayn, and “Testimony” by Kodak Black.

How to cram for finals

By Maddy Schick

DISCLAIMER: This is not a reason to wait till the last minute, this is just tips in case you found yourself in this situation.

  1. Don’t study in your room.
    • Your home can be distracting, try an office or the library for a quieter environment.
  2. Caffeine
    • Although not good for you, if you’re stuck cramming it should help you stay awake enough to get everything done
  3. 50-10 Rule
    •  Study/Work hard for 50 minutes, then take a 10 minute break. This will help keep you focused and in working mode.
  4. Take a friend with you.
    • Preferably from the same class, they’ll be able to help answer questions and get more covered in a shorter time.
  5. Study out of order.
    • Don’t go in order of unit, your brain will remember more if you study different things in different orders

Cram studying isn’t a safe way to prepare for finals, but the tips above should help you with getting everything covered and in a good time. Next time, start studying a week before the test day for best results.

A Thank You Note to Aaron Sorkin

To Kill a Mockingbird Reboot

By Caleb Stuart

On December 13, 2018 To Kill a Mockingbird opens on Broadway starring Jeff Daniels. The new script has been penned by Aaron Sorkin and I, for one, am very grateful that a reboot of the famous book and movie is finally occuring.

To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my all-time favorite novels but I didn’t really appreciate the movie. I felt that it did not do the book justice because it focuses more on the Tom Robinson trial and less on the actions of Scout, Jem, and Dill. That is not to say that the film is not good (Gregory Peck won his only Oscar for his portrayal of Atticus Finch) but it missed, what I felt to be, the central components of what made the novel incredible.

It has taken nearly 60 years for there to be a reboot and I cannot be more excited that it has been written by Aaron Sorkin. Sorkin is the writer of my favorite movie (A Few Good Men) and my favorite television show (The West Wing). He knows how to give even minor characters the characterization and credit that they deserve. Sorkin knows how to create a compelling courtroom drama while also showing what is going on when the lawyers are off the clock, which is something I find extremely fascinating.

It has been nearly 60 years and I assumed that we would never get another version of To Kill a Mockingbird. In today’s day and age, with the racial conflicts that we have, I think it something that we need and I excited that it Aaron Sorkin is taking the helm.

So, Aaron Sorkin, I say “thank you.”

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

‘Tis the season full of shopping

By Zoe Cox

Two of the biggest shopping days of the year have recently passed. From places such as the mall, or a local clothing store, everywhere around us, retailers do everything they can to attract shoppers to their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Whether you choose to stay at home to shop, or you decide you want to complete your Christmas list in stores, these days have both pros and cons in order to get all our you shopping done for the holiday season.

Although they have the same concept, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have their differences. In both situations, stores provide several deals for all of your shopping needs. However, Black Friday is in stores, and Cyber Monday is online. In the past few years, Black Friday has extended to more than just one day of the year. Stores have advertised their Black Friday deals starting as early Thursday before, in order to draw in as many customers as they can in such a short amount of time. For some, Black Friday is a holiday tradition they spend with their friends and family. Despite the long lines, busy stores, and chaos, Black Friday’s massive sales give everyone a head start on their holiday shopping.

For those who prefer to shop from the convenience of their own home, Cyber Monday offers a more cozy and less chaotic alternative to waiting in a long like before the sun rises. Cyber Monday is a more calm day of shopping, less advertisements and chaos, but still an amazing set of deals. Obviously, it hasn’t been around for as long as Black Friday, but it is just as popular to people all across the United States.

Of course, both of these nationwide shopping traditions come with a lot of stress. Black Friday is full of chaos, long lines, and crowds. Cyber Monday is filled with stress of shipping, finding the right size, and items selling out before you are able to purchase them. However, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday have better deals than any other days of the year, and they get everyone in the holiday spirit.

So, if you are up for an adventure of hustle and great deals, Black Friday is the perfect option for you. However, if you would rather stay at home and clean up the house after a long Thanksgiving with the family, Cyber Monday is the better fit for you in finding the best deals for the holiday season.