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Legend Crosses Borders

By Alexis Stuckey

Legend faculty members, students, and Principal Corey Wise took an adventure over the Great Wall, through the Temple of Heaven, and around the Forbidden City of China to XinJin Experimental Middle School, a middle school in China.

Chinese teacher, Matthew Solak, chemistry teacher Jay Zimmerman, Jake Taylor, and a few other dedicated Chinese students ventured over a few borders to the middle school in order to absorb a little bit of the Chinese culture and leave a little bit of American culture behind.

“Several of us taught middle school Chinese kids at the sister school,” said Zimmerman, a full time chemistry teacher and part time Chinese student at Legend. “The most exciting thing for me was teaching Chinese students and forming strong bonds with those kids.”

Zimmerman also included that he finds the Chinese culture intriguing, which is a reason to keep returning to China for years to come.

But the Legend faculty and students weren’t just leaving knowledge, but also gaining some.

Junior Kylie Bernard remembers the memorization technique that she learned during her vacation.

“In school I was in a class with [senior] Blake Fogle and two students from Chaparral, and we had two Chinese teachers, one who didn’t speak any English. They made us learn and memorize these old Chinese poems and we had to recite them with perfect tones and we had to move our head around in a circle while we did. It was embarrassing.”

The Chinese middle school doesn’t operate very much like Legend. The school day lasts from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. with a two-hour lunch break and two-hour dinner break. The classrooms are also significantly more packed with an average of 40 to 50 students per classroom.

“The focus is the same: learning,” Zimmerman said.

The students also took a side-trip to Xi’an, which was the ancient capital of China, where they visited the Terracotta Soldiers, and rode bicycles around the eight-mile city wall, according to Solak.

The annual trip is open to a select group of Legend students and faculty members. In order to attend the trip to China, you must be in Chinese with a B or higher, and be a good student in all other courses, meaning no D’s. The eligibility for the trip is similar to that of Legend athletics.

“It is such and great trip and so important for my Chinese students and Legend,” said Solak, who believes “‘our legend’ is definitely crossing borders.”

Q & A with Smoky Hill’s Female Football Player

By Alexis Stuckey 

When the varsity football played Smoky Hill Sept. 7 for the Homecoming game, few in the stands knew that a girl was on the field.  Her name is Annika Edgington.

When did you join the Smoky Hill football team?
This year, as a junior.

Why did you decide to go out for football?
I told my friend I was interested in playing and he said you can’t because you’re a girl, so I went out to prove him wrong.

What’s your favorite part about playing football?
I love the challenges that are in football. All the sports I’ve played before have beens ones that I’ve grown up playing, so I knew everything about it. But it’s different with football. I’m still learning how the game works.

How is the team towards you?
I love how supportive the team is of me. The team is welcoming towards me.

Has playing on the team changed how you’re treated at school?
There are a lot of times at school when I’m wearing my jersey and some people look at me kind of confused, or they ask who I’m dating on the team. When I tell them that I play, usually they think it’s really cool. Of course, there’s always going to be people who don’t approve but there are way more supporters and people who are proud of me for sticking to my guns.

What is the biggest challenge of playing for you?
Not pressuring myself, I want to be perfect at everything, and takes every little downfall rough

How do you feel like you’ve done this season?
I didn’t get an opportunity to kick at all in the first game, so between 2 games I’ve been 14 for 14 on extra points and I’m 0 for 1 for field goals. I’m really pleased that I’m 100% on extra points, and of course I wish I would’ve made the field goal but I’m getting better every day.

Manning Time in Mile High

By Kyle Kercheval

As the cool air begins to hit the city of Denver, Broncos fans, and football fans alike are turning the clocks from Tebow Time to Manning Time.

The future Hall-of-Fame quarterback, Peyton Manning, was signed by John Elway and the Denver Broncos over the past offseason under a contract for five years and $96 Million.

With this new edition to the franchise, many NFL analysts and experts now add Denver to their list of championship contenders. But with arguably the toughest schedule in the league, the Broncos are going to have to do more than just “pass” some very difficult tests.

If the Denver Broncos are going to win with Manning, they need to have Manning on the field, and healthy. The offensive line last year for the Broncos allowed a total of 42 sacks, which was the tenth most allowed in the National Football League.

Tim Tebow’s passing accuracy went hand and hand with his pocket presence last year, which must obviously be taken into account when totaling the amount of sacks he fell victim to, as well as the approval of the offensive line. Manning’s health is still up in the air as of late. Even though he took a few strong hits in the Steelers game, he was only tackled for a loss of yards twice, and rebounded from those hits well.

With Denver’s relatively seasoned offensive line, additions like that of former Pro Bowl center, Dan Koppen, should add more depth to the game day roster and ensure the safety of Denver’s new franchise player; he’s number 18 if you haven’t heard of him.

With a solid offensive line comes a solid rushing game. But solid would be an understatement when looking at Denver’s success on the ground last season.

Veteran running back, Willis Mcgahee, was the centerpiece of the Broncos offense last season. Rushing his way to over 1,000 yards and just under 5 yards per carry helped his team earn the spot of number one in the NFL’s rushing offence category.

With Peyton Manning’s passing game and Willis Mcgahee’s running game, Denver’s balanced attack should pay dividends throughout the season. As long as both stay healthy, there’s no reason why Denver can’t put up 20 plus points every game.

According to nearly every football enthusiast in America, Dennis Allen’s (Denver’s 2011 defensive coordinator) defense was one of the main reasons why Tim Tebow was able to pull out some of his amazing Elway-esk fourth quarter comebacks in the 2011 season.

Although Allen’s talents are now in Oakland, the addition of former Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio, should do nothing more than enhance the Broncos already forceful defense.

If there is one area that needs definite work, it would exist in the turnover amounts. Last season, the Broncos only amounted to grabbing 18 turnovers, putting them in 28th out of 32 teams. Players like the defensive rookie of the year Von Miller, and defensive game changer Elvis Dumervil will have to step up and create more turnovers to lead to more offensive opportunities.

So as the Mile High welcomes the return of football season, as well as a few new faces, some more familiar than others, the Denver Broncos look to build on their success from last year under a new standard time zone. Manning Time in Colorado.

Fall 2012 Trends: Clothing Staples Every Girl Needs

By Miranda McHodgkins

Chunky Knit Sweaters
Knit sweaters not only keep you comfy during the cooler months, but are also very casual and cute. It’s an easy piece to throw on when you’re in a hurry to get to school.

Riding Boots
I highly recommend investing in a good pair of riding boots because you’ll get a lot of use out of them. They go great paired with skinny jeans or leggings and are so comfortable and cute.

Sweatshirts/ Graphic Pullovers
Sweatshirts will not only keep you warm but by having a bold print or design on it can help make a statement and gives your look an edgier feel.

The Army Jacket
Military inspired clothes are big this fall and what better way to sport the look than with an army jacket. It looks great layered over knits, t-shirts and even dresses.

Leather Jackets
Leather jackets are a warm and fun way to spice up your look and give your look an edgy feel. Plus they are so effortless. You can pair them over a v-neck t-shirt with some skinny jeans and converse shoes and you’ve got a warm and comfy outfit for the day.

Polka Dots
If you could wear only one pattern for the entire season of fall I’d recommend polka dots. This season big and bold polka dot prints with bright colors are in and especially look cute on  a big oversized sweater.

Patterned Skirts and Pants
Feel like wearing something a bit bold and daring? This season crazy patterns are in such as tribal printed skirts. If you want to join in on the patterned trend, but want something more subtle I’d recommend trying out soft floral printed skinny jeans.

Cardigans and Blazers
These two pieces of clothing can dress up any outfit and will definitely keep you warm. Plus they are perfect for layering and you can play around with having layers underneath the cardigans and blazers pop out from your sleeves or if you have a collared shirt you can have that pop out from under you cardigan or blazer.

The Menswear Watch
Accessories that are in this fall are big wrist watches. They look great paired with cuffs or chunky bracelets.

Colored Bags
Another accessory that is hot this fall is colored bags. The crazier and brighter they are, the better. it’s perfect for a day when you’re just wearing a plain white tee and some skinny jeans and can instantly transform your outfit and make it look like you spent more time on your outfit than you did.

Yearbook and Newspaper Among Top in State

By Alexis Stuckey

Both of Legend’s 2012 student publications, the yearbook and the newspaper, earned the top distinction of  “All Colorado” in the state contest sponsored by the Colorado High School Press Association.

The award winning yearbook included elements such as an index of students, our first ever spread of senior photos, a chronological organization and the theme “Now.”

“Getting the award is a big deal, especially for a school as little known as ours,” said junior Diane Svistun, current yearbook staff member.

At their summer camp, the yearbook staff also picked up an award for the design of their upcoming book.

The staffs will receive their plaques at an awards ceremony during the state high school journalism day on Oct. 11 at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.

Soccer Season Game Review

By Mikaela Miller

Game #1: Legend vs. Rock Canyon @ Sports Authority Stadium, Sept. 11
Starting off the season, the boys varsity soccer team went head-to-head with Rock Canyon, losing by a score of 0-1. Rock Canyon scored in the first five minutes of the game and “Legend was unable to gain back the upper-hand,” said captain Ben Bishop, senior. Thus the team began its season record at 0-1.

Game #2: Legend vs. Mountain Vista @ Shea Stadium, Sept. 13
Next, the team battled Mountain Vista in another low-scoring game.  Unable to answer Vista’s only goal, the Titans lost 0-1. Despite not scoring, the offense had 10 shots on goal: Bishop with four, junior Kevin Porter, with three, and Keun Chang, sophomore and senior Austin Melendy with one each. “We need to learn to stay relaxed,” said Sean Salansky, senior. Legend continued forward with its record at 0-2.

Game #3: Legend vs. Chatfield @ Sports Authority Stadium, Sept. 15
The team celebrated their first victory of the season against Chatfield. The score ended at 2-0, with goalkeeper Nykola Nyznyk, senior, protecting the goal against three shots, leaving the Chargers’ score at zero. “We are struggling a lot in the attacking third,” said assistant coach Jordan Ivey. “If we come together as a team, we hope to see more success.”  The win moved the Titan’s season record to 1-2.

Game #4: Legend vs. Highlands Ranch @ Sports Authority Stadium, Sept. 18
Continuing their strike, the boys took on Highlands Ranch, winning by a score of 2-1. Though one goal was scored by the Falcons, Chang and senior Robert Vanegas each scored a goal, with assists from Bishop and sophomore Austin Hayes, leading the team to victory. The win evened up the Titans’ season record to 2-2.

Game #5: Legend vs. ThunderRidge @ ThunderRidge, Sept. 20
On a roll, the team faced ThunderRidge two days later, winning with a score of 2-1. Bishop and Chang both found the back of the net. The defense prevailed as Nyznyk saved four goals, keeping Thunder Ridge’s goal count at 1. The Titans continued their winning streak, bringing their record to 3-2.

Game #6: Legend vs. Douglas County @ Douglas County, Sept. 22
Moving forward, the boys vered Douglas County, winning with score of 1-0. The goal was scored by Bishop, while Nyznyk protected the net against six shots, leaving Douglas County’s score at 0. The team increased their record to 4-2.

Game #7: Legend vs. Castle View @ Castle View, Sept. 25
Finally, the team fought Castle View, ending the game with Legend’s first tie of the season, 0-0. Nine Varsity players attempted to score during the hard fought match, but in the end, leaving the score at 0. The Titans’ record halted at 4-2.

Girls’ Cross Country on Track for State

By Hannah Ross

Throughout the past few seasons, the girls cross country team has been vying for a spot at state, and this year they’re proving they have a shot.

“This year’s girls cross country team has bonded like no other team in past years. The girls all have strong friendships and strive to push each other to do their best,” said captain and junior Peyton Cottingham.

Cross country is one of the few sports that does not have a set JV and varsity team. The varsity team is the “starting seven which changes weekly, but the top five have remained consistent so far this season,” said Coach Megan Peterson.

The starting five are sophomore Maddie Roberts, freshman Catherine Liggett, junior Marlena Long, sophomore Lauren Moden, and sophomore Ryan Sotebeer.

“Times have improved because of a stronger bond within the girls and we have more support for each other,” said Cottingham.

“I love it! I have great friends on the cross country team. We are like a family!” said Sophomore Sarah Bergford.

The girls also have a “better chance at going to state than the boys. We might not beat their times, but we will definitely try to be at state with them!” said Cottingham.

“The girls team has had a lot of successes this season,” said Coach Peterson.

Some of their top meets were at the Pueblo Invitational on Sept. 15, the varsity girls finished second. The Varsity girls team won the Arvada West Invitational last Friday, Sept. 21 and the JV girls team finished in 3rd place.

This season is shaping up to be one of the best.

“The girls cross country team has continued to improve since Legend opened and this year’s girls team is the biggest and most competitive we have had so far. I’m excited to see what those girls can do together,” Coach Peterson said.

Football Joins Best in State in 5A

We are Legend. We are Family. We are One. Those are the words that grace the backs of the Legend Titan football teams’ jerseys this year as they prepare themselves for a new year with a new challenge: 5A football.

Legend played its first 5A game against Prairie View on Aug 31. The Titans started off their season strong, coming out with a win.
According to senior Mark Piazza, 5A football is going to be a breeze for the team.

“Football is football, I’m confident in my team,” said Piazza. Most of the players agreed that they were prepared to battle the 5A teams, including the number five ranked, Fountain Fort Carson Trojans.

“Fountain Fort Carson is a very talented, and physical team, they are good but we can take them,” defensive coordinator Cody Meuli said. “As far as I’m concerned we can take on any team at this moment.”

In preparation for this season, the team keeps up with the opposition by watching film, working out, and practicing whenever they can.
But what do they do before the game to prepare?

“We have a game day routine. We [have] a team meeting and then have a pre game ritual that involves lots of stretching and getting mentally prepared,” said Meuli.

“We are a very religious team and to prepare for our games this season we do a team prayer and ask God for good luck and protection,” said Piazza. “As well as to be successful as the newcomers [in] the 5A league.”

The players can only be cool, calm, and collected for so long before we start to see them sweat.

One primary player in the team who has a lot on his shoulders is Peyton Remy, the varsity starting quarterback that happens to be a sophomore.

“[Peyton Remy] is the youngest starter; [he] always has encouraging words,” senior Ian Mac said. “He’s never nervous, or at least he doesn’t show it.”

Bringing their senior leadership to the team this year are, Andrew Bergner, Luke Behrends, and Colton Fries according to coach Meuli.
“They could help lead the team to a 5A all around victory,” Meuli said.