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Great Films Past and Yet to Come

By Garrett Connor

We all saw them: those incredible movies that made us want to go back the next day and see them again.

Movies like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises left us walking out of the theatre with up to the film lodged in our minds. We will be kindling those memories until the DVD finally comes out.

“The Avengers was my favorite movie of the summer because it combined typical Marvel action, a good story line and an awesome blend of humor,” said sophomore Joshua Lyon, an aspiring filmmaker.

Looking ahead, great movies will be arriving in theaters within the next year, including The Hobbit (Dec. 14), Man of Steel (June 14), Iron Man 3 (May 3), Oz the Great and Powerful (March 8), and Despicable Me 2 (July 3).
After The Lord of the Rings trilogy, director Peter Jackson is expected to create its three-part prequel, The Hobbit, with no less effort than that which went into The Return of the King.

“I expect The Hobbit to be awesome, because it’s The Hobbit!” said Lyon. “I hope it will be the best Lord of the Rings movie franchise yet.”

As for Man of Steel, a darker version of Superman, director Christopher Nolan may be planning to create films based on several other DC comics. When he’s done there, one can only assume that there will be a Justice League movie conceived within the next three to five years.

Other movies that are destined to come out sometime in the next year are Monsters University (June 21), The Hangover Part III (May 24), The Wolverine (July 26), and Catching Fire (Nov. 22 2013).

However, we would not have such high expectations of these movies without the cinema classics that set the standards for their successors. Movies like these set the expectations for films yet to come to theaters.

“The Illusionist is my favorite movie,” said Lyon.

The Matrix is [my favorite],” said sophomore Tyler Borchert.

“My favorite movie is Sgt. Bilko,” said sophomore Alex Barnes.

If moviegoers are lucky, every movie that the next year has in store will raise the bar a little higher with each new release.

Summer 2012: One Show After the Next

By Alec Bushman

Summer 2012 was a busy one for musicians and music lovers alike. This summer appealed to music fans of all genres, with Vans Warped Tour for the punk rockers, and Summer Jam for fans of the rap genre.

Big name artists appearing at Warped Tour included Rise Against, A Day to Remember, Mayday Parade. Rappers Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, and Rick Ross were featured at Summer Jam.

Many Legend students went to each of these festivals, helping to make their mark in Colorado music.

“I was able to go to Gotye, The Black Keys, Imagine Dragons, and I have tickets to an upcoming show of Two Door Cinema Club for October.” Said Chander Rodden 11.

This summer was also important for Denver’s local bands. Bands such as Viretta, fronted by Legend alumni’s Elizabeth Moroni’s older twin brothers Michael and Rob Moroni, were given the opportunity to record with Isaac Slade, the lead singer of The Fray. They were able to record for 3 days in Candyland Studios, working on a single called “All I Have,” which was released near the beginning of summer for free download.

Viretta then visited Maxwell Studios to record their second EP, “Sanctuary,” which was released this summer on iTunes. They played plenty of shows promoting the EP, including their big EP release show at The Gothic theatre.

Mixolydia, a math rock band co-founded by Legend’s Jack Pumplin 11, also released an EP this summer. They played shows at venues such as The Ogden and The Black Sheep in Colorado Springs.

“The Marquis show July 6th was definitely the most important part of this summer for the band,” said Pumplin. “We are planning on writing new songs and getting a lot more shows.”

You can download the EP for free on the Mixolydia Facebook page, or check them out at an upcoming show.

Easy Makeup Ideas for Fall

By Hannah Ross

For some, fall is a time to sip cocoa and snuggle on the couch in over-sized sweaters. for others, its walking through falling leaves and planning your Halloween costume. For me, fall is all about new hairstyles I can try, finally being able to paint my nails deep earthy tones, and of course, new makeup ideas for the crisp weather. This year, there is one makeup trend that has been popping up all over my beauty radar: brown smokey eye makeup with a nude lip. This trend is perfect for any skin tone or face shape, and perfect for day to night wear.

Step 1: Apply foundation, concealer, and powder to whole face (this sets the foundation).

Step 2: Apply black eyeliner to your water line and on the top of the eye right on the upper lash line.

Step 3: Using a soft dome brush apply dark brown eyeshadow right under your lower lash line.

Step 4: Using the same soft dome brush, apply a mocha eyeshadow form the eyeliner line to just above your crease.

Step 5: Use a pencil brush to apply black eyeshadow to the outer corner on your lid (it should slightly wing up).

Step 6: Using the soft dome brush, apply the dark brown used from under your eyes to the outer half of your lid (never going past your crease).

Step 7: Blend the dark colors on the outer part of your eye using a large blending brush and if needed, clean any excess color off with a q-tip.

Step 8: Finish off with black mascara and a nude lip color with shimmery gloss.

Step 9: Keep being you!