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Legend vs Douglas County

By Mason Albrechtson

Last week’s Varsity game– Legend vs. Douglas County– ended poorly for the Titans, with a final score of 64-34 Douglas County. Though the Legend offense speed did its job well and the field kickers made it tough for Douglas County, the season still ended for the Titans.

Junior Peyton Remy (6) was at the top with his pass yardage, totaling out at 368 yards, most of those coming from a 218-yard pass to senior E. Cherrington (10), a pass that was the highlight of the game. Senior Cody Dengal (87) was also an MVP, making some impressive runs and rushes with a total yard coverage of 135.

Legend Varsity will be back next year, and Douglas County will take on Fairview at 11 p.m. on Nov. 8.

Banner Chasers

IMG_2689By Caleb Friginal

Tonight the Titans will take the field with a chance to secure the first football league championship in school history. Legend will travel down to Castle Rock to take on the 3-5 Castle View Sabercats.

The Titans will be lead by junior quarterback Peyton Remy, who leads the state in touchdown passes with 24 on the season. Remy is also second in the state in passing yards with 1,896.

According to InsiderRecruit Remy has gained interest from many division one schools which include Utah, BYU, Air Force, Boise State, Colorado, Wyoming, and Colorado State.

Senior wide receivers Elijah Cherrington and Cody Dengal are both having huge seasons catching passes. Dengal has racked up 32 receptions for 657 yards and nine touchdowns. Cherrington has caught 30 passes for 578 yards and eight touchdowns. Both are in the top three in receiving in the Pioneer League.

Legend will be up against a team that really likes to run the ball. The Sabercats average 144 yards on the ground per game, and are led by junior running back Erik Taylor, who averages just under 70 yards per contest.

The key for Castle View in this game will be stopping the explosive and exciting offense that the Titans present. Legend averages 36.8 points per game which is ten points higher than the national average.

If the Titans are able to pull out the victory tonight, they will be the new Pioneer League Champions. With a current 6-2 record, Legend is also looking at a top seed in the Colorado 5A State Playoffs.

This has been a breakout season for the Legend football program as before this season the Titan hadn’t posted over a .500 record. It will be a huge step forward if the Titans are able to advance deep into the playoffs.

Jason Ritter Remembered with Jersey Patch

By Taylor Mitchell

Teacher and coach Jason Ritter, who passed away in March 2011 after battling cancer, impacted Legend High School. A JR patch on every football player’s jersey is one way he is being remembered and honored.

“Jason Ritter was an incredible man who wanted to make Legend the best place on Earth to be,” said Jay Zimmerman, chemistry teacher and close friend of Ritter.

Legend is big on school pride, and that meant a lot to Jason Ritter.

“He wanted the school to stick together and do the right thing,” said Zimmerman.

Every time the players slip on their jerseys they will see the patch.

“To me the JR patch means that I’m playing for our school, our family, and the man who made us one.  Jason Ritter has such a big impact on me and I think of him the whole game,” said senior Ian Mac.

Coach Rob Doyle, along with others, discussed the patch with the team. There was an email sent out to each of the players.

“The JR patch is to remind us and make it so his legacy will never be forgotten,” said Zimmerman.

The patch is motivation for the entire team to keep on going and never give up, to “find a way,” as Ritter would say.

Q & A with Smoky Hill’s Female Football Player

By Alexis Stuckey 

When the varsity football played Smoky Hill Sept. 7 for the Homecoming game, few in the stands knew that a girl was on the field.  Her name is Annika Edgington.

When did you join the Smoky Hill football team?
This year, as a junior.

Why did you decide to go out for football?
I told my friend I was interested in playing and he said you can’t because you’re a girl, so I went out to prove him wrong.

What’s your favorite part about playing football?
I love the challenges that are in football. All the sports I’ve played before have beens ones that I’ve grown up playing, so I knew everything about it. But it’s different with football. I’m still learning how the game works.

How is the team towards you?
I love how supportive the team is of me. The team is welcoming towards me.

Has playing on the team changed how you’re treated at school?
There are a lot of times at school when I’m wearing my jersey and some people look at me kind of confused, or they ask who I’m dating on the team. When I tell them that I play, usually they think it’s really cool. Of course, there’s always going to be people who don’t approve but there are way more supporters and people who are proud of me for sticking to my guns.

What is the biggest challenge of playing for you?
Not pressuring myself, I want to be perfect at everything, and takes every little downfall rough

How do you feel like you’ve done this season?
I didn’t get an opportunity to kick at all in the first game, so between 2 games I’ve been 14 for 14 on extra points and I’m 0 for 1 for field goals. I’m really pleased that I’m 100% on extra points, and of course I wish I would’ve made the field goal but I’m getting better every day.

Football Joins Best in State in 5A

We are Legend. We are Family. We are One. Those are the words that grace the backs of the Legend Titan football teams’ jerseys this year as they prepare themselves for a new year with a new challenge: 5A football.

Legend played its first 5A game against Prairie View on Aug 31. The Titans started off their season strong, coming out with a win.
According to senior Mark Piazza, 5A football is going to be a breeze for the team.

“Football is football, I’m confident in my team,” said Piazza. Most of the players agreed that they were prepared to battle the 5A teams, including the number five ranked, Fountain Fort Carson Trojans.

“Fountain Fort Carson is a very talented, and physical team, they are good but we can take them,” defensive coordinator Cody Meuli said. “As far as I’m concerned we can take on any team at this moment.”

In preparation for this season, the team keeps up with the opposition by watching film, working out, and practicing whenever they can.
But what do they do before the game to prepare?

“We have a game day routine. We [have] a team meeting and then have a pre game ritual that involves lots of stretching and getting mentally prepared,” said Meuli.

“We are a very religious team and to prepare for our games this season we do a team prayer and ask God for good luck and protection,” said Piazza. “As well as to be successful as the newcomers [in] the 5A league.”

The players can only be cool, calm, and collected for so long before we start to see them sweat.

One primary player in the team who has a lot on his shoulders is Peyton Remy, the varsity starting quarterback that happens to be a sophomore.

“[Peyton Remy] is the youngest starter; [he] always has encouraging words,” senior Ian Mac said. “He’s never nervous, or at least he doesn’t show it.”

Bringing their senior leadership to the team this year are, Andrew Bergner, Luke Behrends, and Colton Fries according to coach Meuli.
“They could help lead the team to a 5A all around victory,” Meuli said.

Eli Moore Announces at Homecoming Game

By Jimmy Aaron

Girls’ basketball coach and guitar teacher Eli Moore took the place of science teacher Jay Zimmerman as the announcer for the Homecoming football game, and all future home games.

Moore feels his announcing style is more down-to-earth. While he tends to be more factual, Z is more emotional.

“The only time I get emotional is when we get a touchdown,” Moore said. “[Jay Zimmerman] is one of the best announcers around,” he added.

Mr. Moore’s chant of “Touchdown, Touchdown, Touchdown!” is indeed one of the few moments in which he projects emotion. The chant comes from Kent Pavelka, the announcer for the Nebraska Huskers in the early nineties.

“I’m a big Huskers fan,” Moore said.

According to Mr. Moore, he wouldn’t be able to announce effectively if it wasn’t for the assistance of his spotter, former assistant football coach Andy Wold.

“He’s up there with the binoculars,” Moore said. “He’s the backbone of the operation. I learn something from him every game.”

Moore’s qualifications for the position of announcer come from involvement in performing arts, as well as 10 years of experience as an announcer prior to coming to Legend.

“I [announced] 10 years at Chaparral,” Moore said. “Being a singer and performer helps.”

The stressors that come with announcing can affect anyone, even somebody as experienced as Moore. One stressor he highlights is the delay between speaking and broadcasting over the stadium intercoms.

“You’re already on the next thought. The echo effect can make you stumble,” Moore said.

The environment of the announcer’s booth may be stressful, but it is its own reward. Such an outlook reflects Moore’s experience and comfort with announcing.

“It’s the best seat in the house,” Moore said.

Quotes From the Homecoming Game

By Jenna Schuster

Sam Kroner (Junior) “It’s a good way to spend time with my friends, and I like watching the game. I try not to focus too much on the game, though because I get too intense.”

Daniel Gay (Junior – Varsity Football)  “We came out over confident and didn’t play with the intensity we should have and that’s what caused the loss.”

Lewis Farrar (Junior – Marching Band) “The football team was awesome, didn’t finish as well as they could have.” “Fun to watch and be in the performance.”

Stevie Campanelli (Senior – On how he felt at his last homecoming game in high school) “I had a lot of mixed emotions going through my head. I was sad that it was over, but at the same time I’m looking forward to moving out of high school. I will definitely come back to see a game next year!”

Katy Nelson (Junior) “It’s a fun thing to do with friends, and it was fun to cheer on our friend Tanner on Homecoming court. I lost my voice the next day from screaming so loud.”

Kyle Videtsky (Junior – Marching Band) “The game was pumped up. I mean not so much the game but the crowd. Everyone was anxious and just waiting for the next play.” “The halftime show was quick. Everything happened in the blink of an eye and then I was back in the stands.”

Kayla Hernandez (Senior) “It was the best game because even though we lost I got to hang out with my friends and everybody made it worth it to go.”

Nick Schulhoff (Junior – Varsity Football) “ The fans at the game were electric, full of energy. I think as a unit we made a lot of mental mistakes, but no one person is to blame for the loss. We win as a team and we lose as a team, this time we lost.”

Camille Daniels (Junior) “It was really fun to see the whole school come together to support our team, and even though we lost we still stayed together to support our family.”

Holly Aherns (Junior) “The energy was really great. The kids were really fun to be around. There was a lot of spirit, even though we ended up losing at the end.”

Tanner Avery (Junior – Homecoming Court) “It was great to be recognized and to have the chance to hang out with some amazing people.”