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Playing the Field


By Lindsay Baumgartner

Photo by Lindsay Baumgartner

magine you have been on fall break for a while. The leaves are changing and the weather is getting colder by the second. You decide to travel to the state softball tournament to cheer on your Lady Titans as they compete against some of the toughest teams in the state. The sun is beating down; you can smell sunflower seeds and hot dogs.

It’s the end of the first game and you are nervous for the softball girls. Grandview is up to bat. The girl swings at the magnificent pitch and lobs the ball to first base. And just as she starts running you see Liz Hersey standing with her foot on the base, softball in glove, smiling—victorious.

The Forum caught up with extremely busy senior, Liz Hersey, between softball games at the State tournament Oct. 19 at the Aurora Sports Complex. Hersey has been playing softball for over 10 years and has developed a very strong connection with her team and her coaches. “This year has been hard,” Hersey said, “Especially knowing that every bat I swing and every ball I catch could be the last one.”

And Hersey was right. The Legend girls’ softball team fought until the end and won second place in the tournament.

“My favorite memory so far is becoming co-league champions with Rock Canyon. And of course being able to compete at state,” said Hersey.

And although the softball season has ended, Liz Hersey isn’t done making her mark quite yet. “As well as playing softball, I also throw shot put and discus for track. The biggest difference is that softball is all about the team and track is about the individual.” Hersey said.

Hersey truly knows what it’s like to sacrifice to keep the future bright. “I have never had to choose between softball or track and school. But there are times that I have to skip hanging out with friends to keep up with my school work or practice. It’s all about give and take, and that’s why I am on track to becoming a valedictorian,” Hersey said.

Liz Hersey is proof that it is possible to play a sport and have a 4.0 GPA. “All you have to do is work hard and make your grades a priority, and then everything else will come,” said Hersey. For Hersey, the seven months she has left at Legend High School are inspiration to keep up her hard work and possibly get into her dream school—Baylor University in Texas.

All About Liz:

Favorite class- Psychology

Favorite book- “Hunger Games”

Favorite teacher- Mrs. Henderson

Favorite dessert- Oreo milkshake

Favorite color- Green

Favorite movie- “Silver Linings Playbook”

Favorite Disney character- Simba

Favorite season- summer

Favorite candy- Smarties

Favorite sports team- Denver Broncos

Grand Slam: Softball Team is runner-up at state

By Lindsay Baumgartner

The Legend High School girls’ softball team took second place at the state tournament held at Aurora Sports Park.

The Lady Titans faced Grandview in the first round of the tournament Saturday, Oct. 19, winning 13-8. Wet, snowy weather delayed the tournament’s start from Friday to Saturday.

With only a few minutes in between games, the team then took on their co-league champions, Rock Canyon. They won that game 6-1.

The following day, the girls were up bright and early, back at Aurora Sports Park to compete in the semi-finals, and soon after, the championship game. The Lady Titans first played Fossil Ridge and with some teamwork, wound up winning 9-4.

Their championship game had finally come. The Titans fought hard, but ended up losing to Legacy High School, 4-6.

“There were feelings of sadness when we lost the game, but also feeling of being so proud,” Coach Shelly Boyd said. “The team chemistry of this group of girls is indescribable. They worked hard all season, supported and encouraged each other, and showed the state of Colorado they are for real. The sadness comes from knowing that we have the talent to win that ball game and for my seniors they will not get that opportunity to show that again.”

Coach Boyd not only has feelings of sadness and pride for her team as a whole, but also in knowing that her seniors will be leaving next year.

“You never know what a year can bring, but speaking of the team I have right now, we are going to be losing five amazing seniors who brought leadership and passion to our team and that will be hard to replace,” Boyd said. “We had a season in which everyone liked each other and we were able to put all of our focus on our goals as individuals and as a team.”