Brent Faiyaz, Raveena, Green Day & More!

Best Music Releases of February 7th

By Ronak Dsouza

Many great new releases from new artists came out this week, adding to a great new year of music! Here are just some of the releases that you must listen to.

Three years after his last album, R&B singer Brent Faiyaz is finally back with his latest album F*** The World. He continues with the same format of his first album, Sonder Son, maintaining no features. However with F*** The World, it is apparent that he is more experimental. Faiyaz incorporates more samples and crisper vocals signifying his constant growth and maturity. The standout track is “Clouded,” which has Faiyaz singing alongside a gospel-like sample, making the listener feel amongst the clouds.

Another outstanding R&B project from a new artist arrived with Raveena’s latest EP, Moonstone. While the project only consists of four songs, each song is a great addition to the singer’s catalogue, leaving the listener eager for more. Raveena adopts a new sound on Moonstone: a mix of her signature acoustic sound and transcending, spacelike production to truly manifest what Moonstone is. The standout track is “Starflower,” a light song with entrancing guitar melodies, reminding you of a teenage coming-of-age movie.

Finally, the iconic punk band Green Day returns to the music scene with their latest album Father Of All…. They bring the same energy and style that they brought fifteen years during their prime promising no trap beats or new producers. The standout track is the title track, “Father Of All…,” starting the album out on a very high note.

Monopolized Movies

Disney is turning into a monopoly, decreasing the standard of entertainment and discouraging independent artists from entering the industry. 

By Lauren Penington

Disney’s control over the entertainment industry is growing daily. Here are the most important of Disney’s current assets. 


  1. ABC
  2. ESPN (Stake)
  3. Touchstone Pictures
  4. Marvel
  5. Lucasfilm
  6. A&E (Split equity with Hearst Corporation)
  7. The History Channel (Split equity with Hearst Corporation)
  8. Lifetime (Split equity with Hearst Corporation)
  9. Pixar
  10. Hollywood Records
  11. Vice Media (Stake)
  12. Core Publishing
  13. Fox


  1. The Star Wars Franchise
  2. The Muppets Franchise 
  3. The Marvel Cinematic Universe
  4. Disney Princesses/Princes
  5. The Chronicles of Narnia Franchise
  6. The Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise
  7. Pixar Films 
  8. The Winnie the Pooh Franchise
  9. The Indiana Jones Franchise
  10. Grey’s Anatomy (and other popular ABC shows)

In the midst of the popular brands that dominate the market, you’d be hard pressed to find ones not associated with Disney. Although, Disney creates a variety of content, their actions continue to narrow the industry as they acquire more companies. Even if Disney is not a monopoly at the moment, it is quickly approaching. 

What does this mean for the industry? A monopoly gives Disney control over many aspects of the industry as being the main supplier. This monopoly allows Disney to supply a line of inferior products that people will still buy into.

For instance, the latest string of live-action movies. Although they have changed a few things, the live-action movies are essentially the same as the originals. Normally, such obvious rip-offs would not succeed in Hollywood, but Disney’s standing has brought it clout.

Additionally, this ties in with another downside of monopolies: they lose the desire to innovate. Although Disney is still creating some new content at this point, we have already seen evidence of lost innovation in the previous examples of live action recreations. 

Due to the fact that Disney owns such a wide variety of companies and brands, they rake in a large profit. This increases their funds exponentially allowing them to take more companies under their wings, such as their recent takeover of 20th Century Fox. This increases the issue of monopoly, upsetting the balance of the economy by growing Disney’s share of the economy. 

As much as we enjoy Disney, we have to come to terms with the situation at hand. The entertainment industry will lose more variety and creativity. It will become a pit of repeated movies and plots, offering nothing original.

When Will Betelgeuse Explode?

Why it may not be as soon as you think

By Madison Schick

Betelgeuse is a star that sits on the shoulder of the Orion constellation. Since it is 1,000 times the size of our sun, we can see it shine from 640 light years away. Classified as a Red Supergiant, it’s one of the brightest stars in the sky, but concerns of it dimming are leading some to conclude it’s about to supernova.

High mass stars do tend to have shorter life-spans than small/medium sized stars like our sun, therefore stars like Betelgeuse only live for millions of years whilst our sun can live for billions. Scientists have started to talk about how Betelgeuse is nearing the end of its life, but in reality the end is still about a million years away. 

Betelgeuse is a variable star, meaning it dims and brightens in periods over the years.

The Final Stretch

Ways to destress during finals week

By Lauren Penington

Finals can be a stressful time of year and many students find themselves in a downward spiral of procrastination, mental breakdowns, and increased stress and anxiety. While it can be easy to feel impossibly behind, sometimes it’s better to step away and take a moment to destress.

1. Exercise 

Even if it’s only for ten minutes, exercise is a great way to take your mind off of finals and give yourself a well needed break from studying. Getting out of the house allows you to clear your head and give yourself a fresh, energized start when you go back in. 

2. Reward yourself

Studying is hard work! Your brain deserves a reward and you can’t live off studying forever. This not only allows you a break from the hard work of studying but incentivizes you to continue your dedication.

3. Take a bath

As much as your brain needs a break, your body needs one just as badly. Taking a hot bath will allow you to relax, releasing the tension in your muscles. If you are especially stressed, it can help to add bubble bath or salts. There are some specially scented to relieve stress and increase productivity. 

4. Take a nap

Sleep seems to be a rare commodity during finals week. Take an hour or two to recuperate and rest. This will allow you to come back to studying with a clear, focused mind. 

5. Family time

Go spend much-needed time with your family or friends. Take that moment to go downstairs, pet your dog, or watch a movie with your close ones. Not everything in life is about grades, so don’t let them consume every minute of your time.

Where’s Your ID?

Lunch. One of the most awaited times of the school day. Upperclassmen rush out to their cars, eager to go off campus to go grab food. It is one of the most frenzied times of the day. This mad rush of students leaving is all hampered by the security guards checking IDs.

This year, the ID checks were escalated with the addition of trunk checks. This process is unnecessary and a complete waste of students’ time. Making every passenger in a car, including the driver, have to wait to show their ID is a hassle. This waiting can upwards of fifteen minutes of delay to get one’s lunch destination. 

Obviously, these stops are put in place to prevent freshmen from leaving campus. This is one of the biggest initiatives that the administration implemented to stop freshmen going off campus. The amount of freshmen going off campus has seemed to decrease as a result of these initiatives. However, one of these initiatives–the stopping of cars leaving lunch–is more of an inconvenience than a benefit.

It may seems like these painful initiatives will remain for the foreseeable future but a scaling back should soon occur. The administration has already achieved their goal of making it difficult for freshmen to leave campus. Having a different color for a freshman student ID is an effective enough measure. It should be experimented with to prove its effectiveness. Then, it can be fairly decided whether or not the cars should be constantly stopped.

What’s Cooking!

With the weather cooling down, many people may see themselves holed up in their houses. While this might bring the satisfaction of staying in a warm, cozy house, it also means having to cook food at home. While some may be chefs in the kitchen, many high schoolers still struggle to cook for themselves. Not to fear, cooking club is here!

Starting back up on January 17th, Legend’s cooking club will help students learn how to cook different dishes. This year, the club founder and president, senior Veronica Knott, is looking to make cooking club more inviting and educational than ever.

From holiday classics to baking essentials, the club has covered some of the most common dishes. However, this year the club is looking to expand their efforts to brand new foods. 

“We are looking to create and cook new types of foods from different types of culture,” said senior Veronica Knott. “It is going to be very exciting.” 

She also wants to expand cooking club’s reach to include more people, returners and newbies alike.

“It’s a great time because you get to eat a lot of food,” said senior Veronica Knott. “You get to actually make some really interesting and delicious dishes with your friends.”

Happy Accidents

As brushes swept and colors swirled across the canvas, one man’s calm voice guided the students in their painting journey.

Wednesday night marked the National Art Honor Society’s annual Bob Ross painting night. This marked the second year for the event and had a record turnout of over thirty students.

“It was a fun and relaxing experience,” senior Jordan Dockery said. “It was a fun way to get people more interested in art.”

The night consisted of an episode of Bob Ross’s show The Joy of Painting and following his tutorial. All of the art supplies were provided by National Art Honor Society through Ms. Hunter.

National Art Honor Society consists of art students from a wide range of mediums, not solely drawing and painting. While this event may have been more painting-focused, it did not shun away those with different artistic abilities.

“Even though I am bad at painting and do photography instead,” senior Kate Brunetti said. “I still had a lot of fun.”

Brunetti is an officer for National Art Honor Society, helping with planning and running this event. Apart from the art education it provides, she wants to highlight the bonus benefits.

“I think it is a great stress reliever to have before finals,” said senior Kate Brunetti. “You can just hang out with your good friends and bond with them over your love for Bob Ross and painting, in general.”

She hopes that this event will continue to as successful even after she graduates.

DECA Does It!

It is finally that time of year! It is DECA Districts! This past Tuesday was the district competition for DECA and was arguably one for the books.

The Legend DECA program saw a great deal of state qualifiers, adding to the great year for the program. There were around sixty state qualifiers from Legend. This also lead to Legend winning the most awards in the competition.

The Legend DECA program’s success could also be attributed to the new changes implemented. 

“I think this year was a lot better for DECA because we actually did roleplay practice in our business classes,” said senior Adit Desai. There was also a larger officer team allowing for more management and planning for the 100+ students in DECA. 

“They did a good job of having a lot of practice sessions to practice our roleplay,” said senior Ashley Lawson. Lawson qualified for state along with her partner, senior Allison Kramer, in her event: Travel and Tourism.

Now the program looks at ahead towards the state competition.

“I joked with my partner that we were going to state,” said senior Ashley Lawson, “and now I am actually going! It has definitely made me very excited about DECA and going to the Broadmoor.”

The DECA state competition will occur from the 22nd to the 25th of February.

Emma Dobrec Makes Her Long Awaited Return to the Court

It’s been eight long months for senior Emma Dobrec. After tearing her peroneal tendon in her ankle, she finally made her long-awaited return on Tuesday night.

“It’s been intense. It’s been a lot of running and jumping and trying to regain my balance. Cause I lost a lot of muscle and control of my ankle after they went through and did everything they had to.” Dobrec said on her rehab.

Her return came somewhat unexpectedly. She was permitted to rejoin in basketball activity just a few weeks ago, and would slowly start ramping up activity. She got the call that she was going to play in the game on Tuesday against Heritage High School about an hour before she was supposed to get to the gym for warm-ups.

“It was amazing honestly, cause I’ve worked so hard to like come back finally. Like it’s been probably four months of rehab like after the surgery, so once I finally got into a game, it just felt right. I was really excited… oh yeah, always nervous,” Dobrec said.

It was an outstanding game for the Legend girls team overall. They finished the night with a 42-10 blowout against Heritage. The game was headlined by a first-half that ended with a 24-0 shutout.

“I’m just glad I could not like screw up a win,” she said.

There wasn’t much to screw up. Everybody had it going on both ends of the floor.

As for Emma, that was the last step of a very long and very strenuous eight months. Now, her eyes are set on helping her team finish the season strong and towards achieving her goal of playing basketball at the college level.