Happy 72nd Birthday John Lennon

By Lauren Medvig

Today, October 9, should have been a great occasion. But today instead of happiness and joy there is sadness and mourning as we try to celebrate what would have been John Lennon’s 72nd birthday. It’s almost like losing him all over again. Every year his birthday comes around and we are reminded of that night way back in 1980 when he was shot and killed outside of his New York apartment.

But instead of thinking about that horrible tragedy (and how much we hate his killer Mark David Chapman), today is meant to be a celebration. The celebration of a great hero and a cultural icon. A celebration of the life he led and the people he has moved. In 1964 John Lennon, along with the other members of the Beatles, came to America and became not only an overnight sensation, but also one of the biggest celebrities worldwide.

His forty years on this earth changed music forever. He inspired countless artists of every genre. Everyone from Kurt Cobain to Ozzy Osbourne. He was an artist, an author, and dedicated most of his final years to advocate for peace. He was a great musician, but also a great man. It’s difficult to find words to describe a man who has had such a profound impact on the world. Listing his achievements doesn’t even begin to describe the real John Lennon. The only thing we can do is celebrate his life and his impact and be thankful for all he has done.

Legend Choirs Perform First Concert

The four choirs performed at their Voices of Legend fall concert, their first of the school year, at Southeast Christian Church Oct. 8 at 7 p.m.

Women’s Choir sang three songs, two of which featured freshman soloists Erica Swim, Cassie Johnson, Mary Hansen, and MacKenzie Papp.

Men’s Choir also sang three songs and surprised the audience with a choreographed performance of Carly Rae Jepson’s famous single “Call Me Maybe”.

Bellissima sang three songs, one of which featured junior soloists Becca Johnson, Lauren Dolan, and senior soloist Cindy Trudgian.

Cantores performed three songs: “Famine Song,” “David’s Lamentation,” and “Kalinda.”

The last song the conjoined choirs sang was entitled “Born To Be Somebody” and was dedicated by the choirs to a 17-year-old girl who is currently battling bone marrow cancer. They collected donations at the end of the concert to help achieve her “Make-A-Wish” wish to go to Disney with her family. The song featured soloists Austin Nicholson and Miranda Foster.

Jason Ritter Remembered with Jersey Patch

By Taylor Mitchell

Teacher and coach Jason Ritter, who passed away in March 2011 after battling cancer, impacted Legend High School. A JR patch on every football player’s jersey is one way he is being remembered and honored.

“Jason Ritter was an incredible man who wanted to make Legend the best place on Earth to be,” said Jay Zimmerman, chemistry teacher and close friend of Ritter.

Legend is big on school pride, and that meant a lot to Jason Ritter.

“He wanted the school to stick together and do the right thing,” said Zimmerman.

Every time the players slip on their jerseys they will see the patch.

“To me the JR patch means that I’m playing for our school, our family, and the man who made us one.  Jason Ritter has such a big impact on me and I think of him the whole game,” said senior Ian Mac.

Coach Rob Doyle, along with others, discussed the patch with the team. There was an email sent out to each of the players.

“The JR patch is to remind us and make it so his legacy will never be forgotten,” said Zimmerman.

The patch is motivation for the entire team to keep on going and never give up, to “find a way,” as Ritter would say.

Boys’ Tennis Competes at Regionals

By Jazzy Welling

The boys’ tennis team ended its season with a 7-2 record.

“The season went well even though we lost some of the seniors. The whole team is happy about our finish,” said senior and #1 singles player Adam Peszek.

The highlight of the season was winning the Pride of Parker Trophy a second year in a row. They won this trophy by again beating both Chaparral and Ponderosa.

The Highlands Ranch Regionals tournament took place Oct. 3 and 4 at Highlands Ranch at RedStone Park in Highlands Ranch.


Legend Crosses Borders

By Alexis Stuckey

Legend faculty members, students, and Principal Corey Wise took an adventure over the Great Wall, through the Temple of Heaven, and around the Forbidden City of China to XinJin Experimental Middle School, a middle school in China.

Chinese teacher, Matthew Solak, chemistry teacher Jay Zimmerman, Jake Taylor, and a few other dedicated Chinese students ventured over a few borders to the middle school in order to absorb a little bit of the Chinese culture and leave a little bit of American culture behind.

“Several of us taught middle school Chinese kids at the sister school,” said Zimmerman, a full time chemistry teacher and part time Chinese student at Legend. “The most exciting thing for me was teaching Chinese students and forming strong bonds with those kids.”

Zimmerman also included that he finds the Chinese culture intriguing, which is a reason to keep returning to China for years to come.

But the Legend faculty and students weren’t just leaving knowledge, but also gaining some.

Junior Kylie Bernard remembers the memorization technique that she learned during her vacation.

“In school I was in a class with [senior] Blake Fogle and two students from Chaparral, and we had two Chinese teachers, one who didn’t speak any English. They made us learn and memorize these old Chinese poems and we had to recite them with perfect tones and we had to move our head around in a circle while we did. It was embarrassing.”

The Chinese middle school doesn’t operate very much like Legend. The school day lasts from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. with a two-hour lunch break and two-hour dinner break. The classrooms are also significantly more packed with an average of 40 to 50 students per classroom.

“The focus is the same: learning,” Zimmerman said.

The students also took a side-trip to Xi’an, which was the ancient capital of China, where they visited the Terracotta Soldiers, and rode bicycles around the eight-mile city wall, according to Solak.

The annual trip is open to a select group of Legend students and faculty members. In order to attend the trip to China, you must be in Chinese with a B or higher, and be a good student in all other courses, meaning no D’s. The eligibility for the trip is similar to that of Legend athletics.

“It is such and great trip and so important for my Chinese students and Legend,” said Solak, who believes “‘our legend’ is definitely crossing borders.”

Q & A with Smoky Hill’s Female Football Player

By Alexis Stuckey 

When the varsity football played Smoky Hill Sept. 7 for the Homecoming game, few in the stands knew that a girl was on the field.  Her name is Annika Edgington.

When did you join the Smoky Hill football team?
This year, as a junior.

Why did you decide to go out for football?
I told my friend I was interested in playing and he said you can’t because you’re a girl, so I went out to prove him wrong.

What’s your favorite part about playing football?
I love the challenges that are in football. All the sports I’ve played before have beens ones that I’ve grown up playing, so I knew everything about it. But it’s different with football. I’m still learning how the game works.

How is the team towards you?
I love how supportive the team is of me. The team is welcoming towards me.

Has playing on the team changed how you’re treated at school?
There are a lot of times at school when I’m wearing my jersey and some people look at me kind of confused, or they ask who I’m dating on the team. When I tell them that I play, usually they think it’s really cool. Of course, there’s always going to be people who don’t approve but there are way more supporters and people who are proud of me for sticking to my guns.

What is the biggest challenge of playing for you?
Not pressuring myself, I want to be perfect at everything, and takes every little downfall rough

How do you feel like you’ve done this season?
I didn’t get an opportunity to kick at all in the first game, so between 2 games I’ve been 14 for 14 on extra points and I’m 0 for 1 for field goals. I’m really pleased that I’m 100% on extra points, and of course I wish I would’ve made the field goal but I’m getting better every day.

Manning Time in Mile High

By Kyle Kercheval

As the cool air begins to hit the city of Denver, Broncos fans, and football fans alike are turning the clocks from Tebow Time to Manning Time.

The future Hall-of-Fame quarterback, Peyton Manning, was signed by John Elway and the Denver Broncos over the past offseason under a contract for five years and $96 Million.

With this new edition to the franchise, many NFL analysts and experts now add Denver to their list of championship contenders. But with arguably the toughest schedule in the league, the Broncos are going to have to do more than just “pass” some very difficult tests.

If the Denver Broncos are going to win with Manning, they need to have Manning on the field, and healthy. The offensive line last year for the Broncos allowed a total of 42 sacks, which was the tenth most allowed in the National Football League.

Tim Tebow’s passing accuracy went hand and hand with his pocket presence last year, which must obviously be taken into account when totaling the amount of sacks he fell victim to, as well as the approval of the offensive line. Manning’s health is still up in the air as of late. Even though he took a few strong hits in the Steelers game, he was only tackled for a loss of yards twice, and rebounded from those hits well.

With Denver’s relatively seasoned offensive line, additions like that of former Pro Bowl center, Dan Koppen, should add more depth to the game day roster and ensure the safety of Denver’s new franchise player; he’s number 18 if you haven’t heard of him.

With a solid offensive line comes a solid rushing game. But solid would be an understatement when looking at Denver’s success on the ground last season.

Veteran running back, Willis Mcgahee, was the centerpiece of the Broncos offense last season. Rushing his way to over 1,000 yards and just under 5 yards per carry helped his team earn the spot of number one in the NFL’s rushing offence category.

With Peyton Manning’s passing game and Willis Mcgahee’s running game, Denver’s balanced attack should pay dividends throughout the season. As long as both stay healthy, there’s no reason why Denver can’t put up 20 plus points every game.

According to nearly every football enthusiast in America, Dennis Allen’s (Denver’s 2011 defensive coordinator) defense was one of the main reasons why Tim Tebow was able to pull out some of his amazing Elway-esk fourth quarter comebacks in the 2011 season.

Although Allen’s talents are now in Oakland, the addition of former Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio, should do nothing more than enhance the Broncos already forceful defense.

If there is one area that needs definite work, it would exist in the turnover amounts. Last season, the Broncos only amounted to grabbing 18 turnovers, putting them in 28th out of 32 teams. Players like the defensive rookie of the year Von Miller, and defensive game changer Elvis Dumervil will have to step up and create more turnovers to lead to more offensive opportunities.

So as the Mile High welcomes the return of football season, as well as a few new faces, some more familiar than others, the Denver Broncos look to build on their success from last year under a new standard time zone. Manning Time in Colorado.