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Five Underrated Christmas Movies

by Lauren Medvig

5. The Office (UK) Christmas Specials: this isn’t technically a movie, but this two-part Christmas special, at 45 minutes each episode, is certainly movie-length and is way too good to leave off the list. The Office was originally a British television show/ mockumentary about life in the office of a paper company. The Christmas special followed head boss David Brent (Ricky Gervais), who was fired and now makes failed pop albums and is a traveling salesman, but also focuses on the failed Office romance between Tim and Dawn. Between the awkward scenes of David hanging out in his old office and the hilarity of him attempting to find his way in the world, this is a ridiculously funny way to start out your holiday season.

4. Bad Santa: Just as a warning, this movie is rated R and despite being only 91 minutes long, there are 300 profanities. But language aside, this is such a great Christmas movie. Billy Bob Thrornton stars as Willie, a miserable alcoholic who makes all of his money by playing different holiday characters throughout the year. This year he enlists the help of his friend Marcus and they decide to pose as Santa and his helper and rob all of the department stores in the mall. Definitely not your parent’s Christmas movie, but incredible nonetheless.

3. Scrooged: This movie is an adaption of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, but do not let that fool you into thinking it is an average Christmas movie. The film stars Bill Murray as an egocentric, cutthroat television executive who is only focused on his business and the ratings of his programs. He had a rough childhood and definitely doesn’t feel the Christmas spirit, but with the help of the three Christmas ghosts he realizes that he needs to
change his ways. The story is very familiar, but the way in which it’s done adds a fresh take to the story. And Bill Murray is in it.

2. Die Hard: This is definitely never thought of as a Christmas movie because it has action and violence and terrorists, but Die Hard is most definitely a Christmas film. Detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) arrives in Los Angeles and all he wants to do is spend Christmas with his wife, but unfortunately Hans Gruber and a group of terrorists have taken his wife and several others hostage during their Christmas party at work. With the police unable to get in, it’s up to John to take matters into his own hands. Not a feel-good movie, but definitely an awesome action film for the people who are tired of the traditional holiday season.

1. Jingle All the Way: There is no reason for this movie to not be a classic. It is the story of Howard Langston (Arnold Schwarzenegger), an uptight businessman who has become too busy for his family. After disappointing his son Jamie by missing his karate exposition, Howard promises to make it up to him by getting him anything he wants for Christmas. Unfortunately Jamie wants the ultra-popular action figure, Turbo Man. On Christmas Eve Howard goes out to pick up the toy only to discover that it is completely sold-out, but Howard refuses to disappoint his son again. The hilarious lengths that Howard goes to in order to get this toy is not only entertaining, but also extremely touching.