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The Forum Visits J-Day

Pictures by Jazzy Welling
Written by Jimmy Aaron

Here at The Forum, we are constantly working to improve the quality of our stories and the ways in which we bring them to you. That’s why on Oct. 11 we visited J-Day 2012, the annual state high school journalism conference that brings together journalism professionals and educators to speak to students about what to expect in the industry and how to improve their high school publications. Over 1500 student journalists attended the conference, including yearbook and newspaper students from Legend.  We learned what it takes to make media professional, and we are already applying what we have learned to the website and our second  issue of The Forum, which comes out Nov. 5.

The Forum staff entered the “Best in Show” contest with its first issue of the year and placed 3rd in the 5A category.  There were at least 14 newspapers entered in the contest.

We’re called YourLegend for a reason: we’re working for you. We’re dedicated to bringing you only the best, and attending J-Day is a stepping stone on the road to success.

Yearbook and Newspaper Among Top in State

By Alexis Stuckey

Both of Legend’s 2012 student publications, the yearbook and the newspaper, earned the top distinction of  “All Colorado” in the state contest sponsored by the Colorado High School Press Association.

The award winning yearbook included elements such as an index of students, our first ever spread of senior photos, a chronological organization and the theme “Now.”

“Getting the award is a big deal, especially for a school as little known as ours,” said junior Diane Svistun, current yearbook staff member.

At their summer camp, the yearbook staff also picked up an award for the design of their upcoming book.

The staffs will receive their plaques at an awards ceremony during the state high school journalism day on Oct. 11 at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.