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Eight Things to Do with Your College Mail

Too many mailers? Here’s some ideas.

By The Boy Scout Girls

Every day, colleges around the nation flood household mailboxes with letters, pamphlets, booklets, and posters. Each college claims to have the most beautiful community, the most helpful professors, and the most friendly students. AM I WRONG? NO! Do you want to hear the cold, hard truth? Colleges are dirty, rotten liars, and they want your money. Your 2.5 GPA probably doesn’t warrant that letter from Harvard, but they’ll send it anyway. Chances are, you will not get accepted, so what do you do with the leftover mail? 

  1. Tinder? I Hardly Know Her!

Boy Scout? No need. Learn to start a fire. When you are in the forest and in need of a flame, the wood and tinder may be too damp to use as a firestarter. College mail is easily accessible and extremely dry. Let’s burn it!

  1. Piñata Time

As a high schooler, it’s not unusual to have anger issues. The tedious process of filling out college applications is difficult for even the best of us. Begin with a fun crafty activity. Using paper and a simple water-flour mixture you can create a statue in literally any shape–and I mean any shape. The options are endless. Then, using a baseball bat, or something of that variety, you can destroy said statue. This provides quick relief and comes highly recommended by every therapist ever–trust us, we asked! To be clear, it is very good for the soul.

  1. Practice Your Origami Skills

There are many different cranes, rings, and other origami crafts you can create with your newfound paper supply. Try making a paper crown for the queen that you are. You will feel invigorated. Life will become better. Cool paper. 

  1. Make some epic paper airplanes

Let your imagination take flight with this super fun craft. Nothing relieves stress like having a little fun. And even better than that, you can include the whole family. Have fun together and bond with them before you tragically leave for college. The colorful, thick paper will look far better than typical white paper once it’s all shaped up. It may be too heavy to fly properly, but it will bring everyone together and provide much needed stress relief. 

  1. Compost material

Plain and simple, college mail has led to the deforestation of at least a million trees–trust us, we asked. It’s high time we give back to mother nature. Good for the environment. Feed the ground? Yes! She is so hungry. With this fun new activity you will rid the world of climate change. Climate change no more. No more. It’s done, you did it. You did so good. Such a good job. 

  1. College? More like Collage!

Collages are fun keepsakes where you can store your favorite memories. Collages can be very colorful, much unlike the dull mail they send you. With the unfathomable mass of colleges that attempt to reach you, it can be difficult to remember each one. This is easily cured by a collage. You can think about college all the time. Flip through your collage before you go to bed—we know students simply cannot get enough. Moms are sentimental. They will want to remember this time forever. The collage of all the colleges that pretend to want you will make your mother feel proud. Maybe it will help her forget how much she is paying for you to get an education.

  1. Rip Them Up & Throw The Pieces

Teenagers feel sad–a lot. We need help expressing our emotions and sometimes slam poetry just isn’t enough. Try ripping up your college mail and throwing it up into the air. Direct your anger towards colleges and show them just how much you hate them. The little pieces of paper will make fun little confetti. Celebrate your graduation by throwing around the mail from colleges that you will not be attending. 

  1. Read them?

Haha, just kidding. That would be weird–no one reads them. All of the mailers are exactly the same. If you are looking to be put to sleep, they can make a great bedtime story.

We hope you found this  helpful. If you didn’t, please read it again and change your mind. We love you and the Earth does too! 

Yours Truly,
The Boy Scout Girls