Mr. Titan Contestants Entertain Packed House

By Jazzy Welling, Kati Dann and Emma Polzer

The second annual Mr. Titan contest made for a night of laughs March 19 in the Legend auditorium.  2012 Mr. Titan Eric Willems crowned his successor Christian Miller.  Miller’s talent was dancing, and his all-blue spirit wear and clever, witty responses during the question-answer period contributed to his victory.  Robert Venegas took 2nd place while Thierry Shimoda won 3rd place.  Rounding out the top six were Austin Allwein, Shane Hanssler and Jake Lyon.

Along with 21 talented boys, the Mr. Titan/Prom Fashion Show also featured 21 glamorous models, some of whom shared their thoughts about the event with

Q. What was the fashion like in the show?

A.  Junior Natasha Williams: Models are asked to provide their own dresses, all of which are in the prom category. The jewelry is typically given to the models by one of the invited vendors and is up for purchase. Although the girls always look beautiful, their runway struts are really a chance to showcase the Mr. Titan contestants.

Q. How much did your dress cost?

A.  Senior Katie Arnold: My dress cost $146 this year.

Q. What is your ideal date?

A.  Junior Camille Daniels: Probably a hot air balloon ride or skydiving. Kidding! I love concerts and movies or a night on the town. Picnics are fun too!

Q. Why did you participate in the Mr. Titan/Prom Fashion Show?

A.  Senior Corinne Knapp: I’ve helped out with the show for the last two years in Student Government, so I was looking forward to being in it this year.

Q. Where did you get your dress?

A.  Senior Courtney Atchey: I am using my dress from last year and I got it at Cache in Park Meadows.

Q. Who was  your “date” for the fashion show?

A.  Junior Cheyenne Costa: I [walked] with Christian Miller, a.k.a. Mr. Titan. (Cheyenne actually said this of Miller before his victory on March 19).