Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

‘Tis the season full of shopping

By Zoe Cox

Two of the biggest shopping days of the year have recently passed. From places such as the mall, or a local clothing store, everywhere around us, retailers do everything they can to attract shoppers to their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Whether you choose to stay at home to shop, or you decide you want to complete your Christmas list in stores, these days have both pros and cons in order to get all our you shopping done for the holiday season.

Although they have the same concept, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have their differences. In both situations, stores provide several deals for all of your shopping needs. However, Black Friday is in stores, and Cyber Monday is online. In the past few years, Black Friday has extended to more than just one day of the year. Stores have advertised their Black Friday deals starting as early Thursday before, in order to draw in as many customers as they can in such a short amount of time. For some, Black Friday is a holiday tradition they spend with their friends and family. Despite the long lines, busy stores, and chaos, Black Friday’s massive sales give everyone a head start on their holiday shopping.

For those who prefer to shop from the convenience of their own home, Cyber Monday offers a more cozy and less chaotic alternative to waiting in a long like before the sun rises. Cyber Monday is a more calm day of shopping, less advertisements and chaos, but still an amazing set of deals. Obviously, it hasn’t been around for as long as Black Friday, but it is just as popular to people all across the United States.

Of course, both of these nationwide shopping traditions come with a lot of stress. Black Friday is full of chaos, long lines, and crowds. Cyber Monday is filled with stress of shipping, finding the right size, and items selling out before you are able to purchase them. However, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday have better deals than any other days of the year, and they get everyone in the holiday spirit.

So, if you are up for an adventure of hustle and great deals, Black Friday is the perfect option for you. However, if you would rather stay at home and clean up the house after a long Thanksgiving with the family, Cyber Monday is the better fit for you in finding the best deals for the holiday season.

Toxic Standards

The effect of portraying disturbing characteristics as desirable, persisting in movies and delineated by men, on society

By Lauren Penington

80’s movies hold their charm and popularity in today’s society. However, a good portion of these retro films hold a worrisome amount of rape culture properties that have managed to assimilate themselves into society’s most revered characteristics. Stalkers, rapists, and haressers are praised for their disgusting behavior; getting the girl and setting a disturbing standard.

What passes for love is truly mediocrity, urged along by the presence of troubling factors in the media, namely the acceptance of trash as treasure, the acceptance of lackluster men as paragons. Due to these character traits displayed on the big screens, people have welcomed a new wave of low. Truly concerning aptitudes that reveal themself in the scum of the earth are romanticized to the point that it appears ludicrous not to. This, in turn, not only damages our morals and beliefs, but our perception of the world and thereby our standards and self worth.

For instance, the idea of pursuing the girl until she submits. Critics praise the boy who sticks it out, the boy who waits for the girl to settle for him or suddenly realize her overwhelming love for the underdog. He who respects rejection and doesn’t pursue the girl is an instant joke, seen as a pushover, lacking the balls to continue on his “quest.”

There are several classic cinema examples that ring this warning bell. This isn’t to say that these movies aren’t of quality, but that they hold these troubling themes within them, pushed along into society by the films’ success and popularity.

One of the most prominent that emerges from the mix is Sixteen Candles. Traditionally thought of as a sweet romcom, the movie holds some questionable details within. The entire relationship of our protagonists begins with a drunk fling. After drinking too much, Caroline is sent home with our oh-so-sweet underdog, the Geek. These two get busy, while Caroline is too drunk to consent of course, and afterwards decide that they had fun and are obviously soulmates. Now, we can’t unload all of that… But, in essence, it is this type of portrayal of men in cinema that is so toxic to the general population. The idea that all men have this habitual instinct that can’t be denied, and the further idea that it is sexy. Frankly, there is nothing more disturbing than the idea that men are controlled by an innate desire for sex. Not only is it an untrue theory, but spreading it into the minds of society as a desirable and alluring trait poisons the minds of our youth. People have accepted it as an irrefutable fixture, and both boys and girls seem to be raised on the fact that it is their duty to fulfil.

This can also be seen in Revenge of the Nerds whereupon, yet another nerd, initiates intercourse with the “girl of his dreams.” In this version of the tale, he does so under the guise of being her actual boyfriend – wearing his costume and acting as the persona. After their erotic scene, she removes the nerds mask to display his true identity and decides that it was truly the pair of them that were meant to be, not her and her actual boyfriend and based upon nothing but the mere interaction that had occured moments before.

These are movies that are revered as classics, as “must-sees.” With the sordid details contained within them, this arguably the most provoking fact of all. Why does society continue to lavish praise atop these individuals that commit frankly heinous crimes? The first step is noticing the pattern, which we have found. The next step is breaking it. Break the chain and show the world what love truly is, not these illusory fabrications of life. Be a part of a healthy relationship, based on respect and true love, not a drunken fumble of a creepy, possessive man. No one loves a rapist. No one loves a stalker. Leave the girl alone and find the one that loves you back.

Gobble, Gobble, but not for the Bark or Meow

Your Thanksgiving feast should be just for the humans in the house

By Henley Holland

It’s finally November folks! That crisp fall bite is still in the air and the aroma of turkey, nutmeg, cinnamon, and pumpkin are just waiting to permeate the wind as well. Now, while we humans might enjoy that food coma after Thanksgiving, it can be dangerous to eat that much fatty food in one sitting, but it can be catastrophic to let our pets indulge as well.

Fatty, processed foods are extremely hard for animals to digest, especially in large quantities. So before you set aside a plate of scraps for Fido, consider the following: those poultry bones can splinter and devastate the digestive tract of any pet in your house and many treats contain ingredients and chemicals that are toxic to animals.

Xylitol, an artificial sweetener in many sugar-free baked goods, can be deadly if consumed by your cat or dog. The yeast in many doughs can cause dangerous bloating in your pets as well. Not to mention, many ingredients included in Thanksgiving feasts such as chocolate, citrus, caffeine, raisins, dairy, onions, nuts, and salt can be anywhere from mildly dangerous to deadly to cats and dogs alike.

So, when you and your family get together to enjoy the holiday, ensure the food stays up on the table where your furry family members cannot reach it. Confirm the trash is secure where those troublemakers can’t go digging through and accidentally harm themselves, but, most of all, do not allow any human members, especially the young ones, slip the family pet some little treats throughout the day. Those good intentions have the capability to turn deadly, something no one wants to experience during the holidays.

Grande, Boomin, H.E.R. and More

Music Releases From The First Week Of November

By Ronak Dsouza

The amount of new projects and songs that were released the week of November 3 was insane and has been every music lover’s dream. From pop, to hip-hop, to R&B, every genre has received some great new music.

On Saturday, pop superstar, Ariana Grande dropped a surprise single titled “thank u, next,” right before the airing of Saturday Night Live. The song quickly gained a lot of attention and received a lot of streams.

It’s rumored she made this song to diss her ex-fiance, Pete Davidson, who is part of the Saturday Night Live crew. This theory is definitely confirmed by “thank u, next,” in which she talks about her past relationships, how she has moved on from each of them, and how she is now focused on herself. This song is perfect for those moving on from a breakup and for those learning to love themselves.


For hip-hop heads, the long-awaited return of producer Metro Boomin arrived with the release of his album, Not All Heroes Wear Capes. The album is filled with guest artists such as Travis Scott, 21 Savage, Young Thug, and Drake. The album greatly delivers in the production aspect, displaying Metro Boomin’s expertise with beatmaking with the different beat changes and transitions from song to song. The standout track on the album is “Space Cadet,” which features hip-hop newcomer Gunna. The track is melodic and hypnotic due to the beat and Gunna’s flow. This album for those wanting to turn up in their car with their friends, because of the amazing beat production.

For a more slowed down music listening experience, H.E.R. released her follow-up EP to I Used To Know Her-The Prelude EP titled I Used To Know Her – Part 2. The sequel contains more songs than the first EP with eight new songs. Part 2 also differs from The Prelude, having zero features. The standout track is the opening song, titled “Carried Away,” with H.E.R.’s dreamy vocals used on a enticing guitar loop. This project is great to keep in the background while getting some homework done, because H.E.R.’s voice will not distract you from finishing your homework.


Here are some other notable releases that you should give a listen: “Dip,” by Tyga, with Nicki Minaj being enlisted for the remix, “Machine” and “Bad Liar” by Imagine Dragons, the Calvin Harris and Benny Blanco collaboration, “I Found You,” and Takeoff’s solo debut album, The Last Rocket.


DIY (Life Hacks) With Maddy

How to totally ace finals week

By Maddy Schick

When it comes to the last week of the semester, things can definitely get stressful. Although there isn’t a real “right way” to do finals, there is a wrong way, so this is how to not do it wrong.


  1. Create a one-pager for each subject.
  • For Classes like Arts, Choir, or Avid, you don’t need a one-pager. For the classes like Mathematics and Sciences, making one page with the whole semester on it becomes really helpful
  1. Ask questions.
  • This is one of the most important things you can do when preparing for finals, there will be a lot of things you don’t remember and it’s better to ask questions ahead of time instead of when cramming.
  1. Make a study group.
  • Even a group chat for help with review packets is better than nothing.
  1. Start early.
  • Cramming doesn’t help as much as you’d think it does. If you haven’t already, now is the time to catch up on missing assignments or to start studying.
  1. Study things that AREN’T on the guide.
  • You’d be surprised what you forgot about, and what teachers didn’t put on the guide.
  1. Stay well-rested.
  • Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but the difference between 6 and 8 hours of sleep is crazy.
  1. Create a study schedule.
  • And actually follow it.
  1. Study for the style of the exam.
  • For multiple choice, definitions and concepts are most important.
  • For essays, make sure you have a good understanding of the concept, and have examples ready.
  1. Reorganize notes.
  • Highlight what you forgot OR what could be important.
  1. Color-code EVERYTHING.
  • You remember things better when you read over it multiple times.

Signing Your Life Away

Deciding your future when you’re still 18

By Lauren Penington

The rational part of our brains are not fully developed and won’t be until around the age of 25. Recent research has, in addition, proved that adult and teenage brains function in different ways.

On October 2nd, I will be attending a college fair. I will walk into another school, in another town, and will try to determine what schools have the most to offer me, which schools will help me grow and succeed in this ever growing and changing world. I am sixteen years old. I am sixteen years old, and I am making decisions that are going to change and effect the course of my entire life.

Most teenagers have no idea what they want to do with their lives. About 80 percent of students in the United States end up changing their major at least once, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. In fact, college students change their major at least three times over the course of their college career on average. That is time, and money, wasted due to the indecision that comes with our premature brains.

Why are we obligated to sign our lives away when we are just entering into the world from our, somewhat sheltered, early lives — wherein the true weight of responsibility seems like a fiction that is far from reality and far from the present. Even postponing college for a year, taking gap year of sorts, is beneficial in that it opens your mind to the world and allows you to gain those experiences of the real world. Experiences and knowledge that are beneficial in and out of college, but are a major assist in the reentering of education. If you want to have an effect on the world, you need to see and understand it first. How can you design new systems for foreign countries in need, if not experiencing the need yourself? If not seeing it firsthand? Living life through this filtered view is detrimental to our own understanding of international workings, and also to the world at large.

At the age of 18, you are barely an adult. You do not have the wisdom or experience to make a change. Diving headfirst into the sea of information college provides is a foolhardy decision that can prove fatal to your ambitions — sending you into a shock that may deliver you home. Expose yourself to world. Grow and live before committing to a future. Expectations to choose a college so young, and even as a sophomore or a junior, is a ludicrous system that benefits the few and serves as a class gateway.

The Importance of Suicide Prevention

Shining Light Onto the Darkness

By Zoe Cox

According to America’s Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the United States, and about 44,965 people die from suicide each year. Not only is suicide challenging for the person who attempts or commits suicide, but it is also very challenging for a person who knows someone who has attempted or committed suicide. It would be no surprise that every single person knows or knows of at least one person who suffers from a mental illness, or has lost someone to a mental illness or suicide. Mental illnesses are often often overlooked or underrated in terms of importance.

However, little do many people know, people suffering from a mental illness or suicide are very important to put more light onto, and should not at all be overlooked. Mental illnesses can sometimes lead to suicide when that person is not getting the help that they need in order to feel better. A mental illness such as depression, anxiety, or ptsd are no different than illnesses such as cancer or diabetes. Mental illnesses should be treated like any other illness, which could possibly make suicide rates decrease. If we as a society get people the help that they need, then it is so obvious that suicide rates would go down, and so many suffering people wouldn’t have to suffer anymore. If you are unsure how to find help or if you are feeling down, there is always numbers you can call. As students, we have access to many online sources, such as text a tip and a suicide hotline, which is open for anyone to contact.


Text a Tip: 274637

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255