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Cross Country Runs Arizona

By Catherine Liggett

Boys’ cross country packed their racing shoes and sandals in anticipation of balmy temperatures for the Nike Cross Regionals – Southwest in Gilbert, Ariz.  Unfortunately, sweatpants replaced sandals with the uncooperative weather consisting of low 50s and buckets upon buckets of rain.

The team lineup included freshman Scott Johnson, sophomore Josh Miller, junior Zach Wood, junior Brayden Quinn, junior Dillon DeSalvo, and senior Zach Goering.  The boys left for the meet early Friday morning, Nov. 22, and returned that Sunday, Nov. 24, a day after the competition.

Despite the end of the cross country season four weeks earlier, many runners still chose to run the postseason race.  “I felt motivated to run for my coach,” sophomore Josh Miller said.

The race consisted of 1,128 male runners from Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico.  The male racers were divided into four open groups and one championship level.  The boys ran in the third open race.

While for some competitors the unusually frigid Ariz. weather exhibited an obstacle, the Legend boys, use to the chilling temperatures, still raced well with Miller even obtaining a personal best time of 17:55.88.

“The lower altitude made it easier to run since I felt refreshed.  The lower altitude probably even contributed to my personal record time,” Miller said.

Besides training and competing, the boys still had time to hang out and chill in the hotel hot tub. “The highlight of my trip was just getting to spend time with my team,” Miller said.

Team is definitely a word the boys would use to define their cross country program.  “We all run together and perform better because we are friends and a team,” Miller said.

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Liggett to Compete in State Cross-Country Meet

Sophomore Catherine Liggett fights heer way to the front of the pack at the start of the Arapahoe Warrior Invitational Aug. 30. Photo courtesy of Sherry Rast
Sophomore Catherine Liggett fights heer way to the front of the pack at the start of the Arapahoe Warrior Invitational Aug. 30. Photo courtesy of Sherry Rast

By Rachel Pearson

Catherine Liggett set a new personal and school record for Girls’ Cross Country Saturday when she placed eighth at the Regionals Meet. Being the only runner from Legend to move on to the State meet, she will represent the school when she runs on Saturday, Oct. 26 at the State meet in Colorado Springs.

“It’s going to be a lot different to not have my teammates with me at the start line on Saturday,” Liggett said. “It’s nerve wrecking to know I will be competing without them.”

Despite not being able to take the rest of her team with her, she knows they will support her as she runs for the State meet.

“Even though they didn’t need to, they still came out to practice with me and push me to run my hardest,” Liggett said.

Making it to State has been this season’s goal for Liggett. When she realized that she was one of the top 15 runners to move on to State, she felt a great sense of relief.

“It was reassuring to know all the preseason and season’s hard work had paid off.” Liggett said. “The whole season’s work and preparation relied on that one race.”

But just being in the State meet will not be enough for Liggett. She hopes to do well enough so that she reflects the name of Legend.

“I want to represent my team, my school, and my family,” Liggett said. “I want to get Legend’s name out there and make it school people know about.”

Liggett realizes that her success is not solely through her work. She finds motivation through other’s doubts.

“When others say you can’t run a certain time or get a specific place, your only reaction should be to turn around and say ‘watch me’,” Liggett said.

Taking the Start to Arizona

Photo by Catherine Liggett
Photo by Catherine Liggett

By Catherine Liggett

The boys’ varsity cross country team stepped up to the start line for the final time this season.  The boys placed 12th as a team at the 5A Region 5 State Qualifier Meet on Oct. 17. Despite a missed opportunity to compete at the State Championships, the boys still believe they have a chance to perform in the postseason and prepare for next year.

Junior Dillon DeSalvo, along with three of his teammates, was able to achieve a season personal best at the Regional meet, running the Monument Valley course in 18 minutes and 24 seconds.  Other runners to set a season best on the course included freshman Scott Johnson, senior Jackson Davis, and senior Greg Brantley.

“The regional race helped me see that I can run faster than I think.  I ran a personal best and was able to pass some of the top varsity runners,” DeSalvo said.

While the season may be over, the boys refuse to give up on running this winter and are preparing to compete in the Southwest Nike Cross Regionals in Arizona this November.  DeSalvo is saving his best effort for a great race in Gilbert, AZ and is determined to “get a good time and race to the best of my abilities.”

“On top of competing, I just want to have a good time with my teammates, but still mainly focus on competing,” DeSalvo said.

The team has its sights set on the future and is ready for a substantially better season next year.  “Next year is our year.  We’re all going to be a little more serious, take our workouts to the max, and just overall have more focus,” DeSalvo said.

Through the highs and the lows of the past cross country season, DeSalvo has learned one essential lesson to running: “At the end of the race, you don’t want to feel like you could have gone faster.  If you think you’re running fast, then run faster.”

Girls’ Cross Country on Track for State

By Hannah Ross

Throughout the past few seasons, the girls cross country team has been vying for a spot at state, and this year they’re proving they have a shot.

“This year’s girls cross country team has bonded like no other team in past years. The girls all have strong friendships and strive to push each other to do their best,” said captain and junior Peyton Cottingham.

Cross country is one of the few sports that does not have a set JV and varsity team. The varsity team is the “starting seven which changes weekly, but the top five have remained consistent so far this season,” said Coach Megan Peterson.

The starting five are sophomore Maddie Roberts, freshman Catherine Liggett, junior Marlena Long, sophomore Lauren Moden, and sophomore Ryan Sotebeer.

“Times have improved because of a stronger bond within the girls and we have more support for each other,” said Cottingham.

“I love it! I have great friends on the cross country team. We are like a family!” said Sophomore Sarah Bergford.

The girls also have a “better chance at going to state than the boys. We might not beat their times, but we will definitely try to be at state with them!” said Cottingham.

“The girls team has had a lot of successes this season,” said Coach Peterson.

Some of their top meets were at the Pueblo Invitational on Sept. 15, the varsity girls finished second. The Varsity girls team won the Arvada West Invitational last Friday, Sept. 21 and the JV girls team finished in 3rd place.

This season is shaping up to be one of the best.

“The girls cross country team has continued to improve since Legend opened and this year’s girls team is the biggest and most competitive we have had so far. I’m excited to see what those girls can do together,” Coach Peterson said.