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Winter Sport Report: Girl’s Swim and Dive

A preview of the 2021-2022 swim and dive season.

By Aubrey Francis

With the end of fall near, the girls’ swim team is nothing less than excited for the upcoming winter swim season. Starting up at the beginning of November and going through to February, a new season is upon us. As stated by Cassidy Knox (10), “I am excited to be back into the season with the girls. Also, for the season to be longer and bond with the new freshman.” Although the excitement is through the roof for the girls, there are some nerves through it as well. Knox adds, “I hope there’s no covid outbreak, as it will shorten our season, and I don’t want that again.”

This season’s competition is intense, with the top goal being to beat Legend’s main rival, the Chaparral Wolverines. Another member of the 2020-2021 girl’s swim and dive team, Mary Kozleski (10), provided some insight into her role. Kozleski’s swim events on the team are long-distance freestyle and sprint butterfly. Her responses revealed a common theme highlighting the girls’ swim team’s culture and companionship toward one another: “I am excited for the meets and the energy that is given during the events. I’m also looking forward to working harder and improving with the rest of the girls.”

Just as Knox said, the team is super positive and creates a safe space for everyone involved. “I’m a little nervous about making my best times and putting all of my efforts into the season,” she said, referencing her worries. She further explained how being on the team makes her feel and stated, “I love being on the team because of all the energy and support they give. All of the girls have an amazing personality!”

The 2020-2021 Swim Teams’ Pink Out Meet

A favorite meet for the girls is the Pink Out, where they dress in all pink to show support for breast cancer. They wear pink shirts and caps as part of their support. You can support them at a few of their fundraisers this year, including the team car wash and attend their meets. They have a varsity/JV scrimmage on Saturday, 11/20 @ 9 a.m. at Cherokee Trail High School. Based on the interviews, it’s safe to say that the swim team is a shining light of positivity spreading community throughout the school! Come out and support them this season.

The Forgotten Sports Teams: Swim Team

Welcome to the Forgotten Sports Teams, Events, and Clubs: Legend, an opinion column in the newspaper discussing some of the smaller sports teams and events in our great school and revealing highlights and accomplishments of each of the programs. In this edition, we will be covering the Swim team and the unique setup of our team.

By Spencer Hughes

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Girls swim shines in state competition

By Taylor Hourigan

After competing in C and B Leagues the weekend before, members of Legend’s Girls Swim and Dive team took to the pool on Friday, Feb. 7 with hopes of making their times for state. Among the swimmers were Lauren Moden, Shilo Syddall, Allyson Malik, Hayley Stauber, Kendra Gardner, Abby Feeder, Chelsea Linton, Alexis Nygaard, Lauren Rogers, and Ryan Sotebeer.

At A Leagues, the Titans shined, with Moden placing 1st in the 200 IM, as well as 4th in the 100 Backstroke. Legend’s 200 Medley Relay, made up of Syddall, Malik, Stauber and Moden, dropped 1.5 seconds off their time to place 6th and qualify for state.

Also, Legend’s 400 Freestyle Relay, made up of Syddall, Gardner, Malik and Moden, dropped two seconds off their time to make 5th place and qualified for state. Swimmers Feeder, Linton, Nygaard, Rogers, and Sotebeer also qualified for state with their respective times.

Over the long weekend of Feb. 14-17, these girls geared up for state competition on Feb. 15 at the Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center in Thornton. Thirty-four different schools were in attendance that Saturday.

Moden placed 2nd overall in both the 50 and 100 Freestyle, and also made her All-American cuts in both events. Stauber placed 53rd in the 200 Free and 52nd in the 100 Butterfly. Malik placed 38th in the 500 Free and 45th in the 100 Breaststroke, and Syddall placed 37th in the 100 Backstroke and 58th in the 50 Free. Legend’s 100 Medley Relay placed 18th overall, while the 200 Freestyle relay placed 39th and the 400 Freestyle relay placed 17th.

As a team, Legend ranked 18 out of 34 schools in attendance.

Girls’ Swim celebrates their Seniors

By Taylor Hourigan

Friday’s Pride of Parker meet for Girls’ swim against Ponderosa ended in a loss for Legend Varsity, but the night was not one to forget. Legend’s girls took home 1st place in 5 events: McKenna Moede in the One-Meter, Shilo Syddall in the 100 Free and 10 Back, Hayley Stauber in the 200 Free, and Ryan Sotebeer in the 500 Free. Overall, now, the team is 4-2 overall and 3-0 in league competition.

Friday’s meet was also Senior night for the team, and six seniors received a bouquet of flowers from Principal Corey Wise and Administrator Jason Jacob while Coach Karen Johnson announced their colleges and majors. The team lined up by the pool and cheered for their teammates as they passed.

Duel meets are now over for the team, and they are gearing up for league meets that start this weekend with C Leagues on the 31st. B leagues will be held on the 1st, and A Leagues are held over two days, the 7th and the 8th. Varsity swimmers who make certain times will then be qualified to compete in State competition, held on the 14th and 15th.

The Fantastic Four

By Taylor Hourigan

This year Legend’s girls swim team has not one, but four fantastic captains.

Shilo Syddall: Tried out for captain because she was a captain last year, and really enjoyed getting to know all the girls and helping out with the team.

Grade: Senior

Started swimming: When she was eight in summer league, started club at 12.

Began swimming for Legend: Sophomore year

Favorite event: 100 Backstroke

Best time: 1.02.06

Meet she’s excited for: State

How she prepares for a meet: Eats good food, gets lots of sleep, and tries to get stress levels down.

What she does outside of swimming: NHS, Link Crew, and she loves spending time with friends.


Lauren Moden: Tried out for captain because she wanted to bring a positive atmosphere to the team and help them learn to be successful this season.

Grade: Junior

Started swimming: At age eight, she started on Phenomenon and them moved to TOPS, both competitive teams.

Began swimming for Legend: Freshman year

Favorite event: 50 freestyle

Best time: 24.27

Meet she’s excited for: The Chaparral meet

How she prepares for a meet: Talks to her friends a lot before races, and also drinks a lot of water.

What she does outside of swimming: She’s always swimming!


Lauren Rogers: Tried out for captain because she wanted to help make the team the best it can be. Team bonding, meet prep, and just working with this group of girls is what makes being captain special to her.

Grade: Senior

Started Swimming: Has been competitive swimming for seven years.

Began swimming for Legend: Sophomore year

Favorite event: 100 breast

Best time: 1:17.00

Meet she’s excited for: The Chaparral meet

How she prepares for a meet: She likes to pump up the music! Stretching and drinking lots of water are also very important steps.

What she does outside of swimming: She’s a lifeguard and a nanny, and also enjoys running when she gets the chance. Lauren lives to volunteer.


Peyton Cottingham: Tried out for captain because she was a captain last year and loved planning fun team bonding activities for the girls. She also enjoys being someone the girls can look up to and come to for help. For her senior year, she wants to be able to impact the swimmers and make sure they enjoy every moment of the season.

Grade: Senior

Started swimming: Swam for six years, moving between competitive and summer league teams.

Began swimming for Legend: Freshman year

Favorite event: 500 freestyle, 200 IM

Best time: 6:32 for 500 free, 2:44 for IM

Meet she’s excited for: The Ponderosa and Chaparral meets

How she prepares for a meet: She works hard at all her practices and hopes that it will pay off in her meets.

What she does outside of swim team: Cross country, track, NHS, Link Crew, and she is the Senior Class president.

Meet Mrs. Johnson

History teacher and swim coach Karen Johnson prepares for her next class during her plan period. Photo by Ashley Keller
History teacher and swim coach Karen Johnson prepares for her next class during her plan period. Photo by Ashley Keller

By Ashley Keller

Many new teachers joined the Legend family this year, including Karen Johnson. She teaches U.S History in room F109 and is the head coach for girls’ swimming. The Forum sat down with Johnson to find out a bit about this new faculty member.

Forum: Why did you become a teacher?

Johnson: I was good at [teaching] and I’ve always like history.

Forum: Why did you decide to teach US History?

Johnson: We kind of get a sign of what we’re going to teach, so we don’t really get a choice.  I liked social studies, but my wheelhouse is actually economics and government. [Legend] had an opening here for U.S History and I’ve done it before.

Forum: How long have you been teaching?

Johnson: Seven years.

Forum:Where were you before you came to Legend?

Johnson: I was at Kennesaw Mountain High School in Georgia before I came to Legend.

Forum: Why did you choose Legend?

Johnson: I was offered a job at Ponderosa and Chaparral, but I chose here because I was really impressed with the school and because they had a swim team.

Forum: What were your initial thoughts on Legend?

Johnson: It’s very different. I taught in a very urban environment in Atlanta. I thought, “Wow there are a bunch of very well adjusted children here.” [Students] weren’t very well adjusted where I came from. And I was really impressed with the leadership here; the administrators and staff are awesome. And I’m very excited to have my own room.

Forum: How is it different from your other school?

Johnson: It’s less diverse. Let’s put it that way. It’s definitely not nearly as diverse as where I came from. It’s a big difference. Also academically, you guys are more advanced.

Forum: Is it hard to keep up with grading with other responsibilities?
Johnson: Yes, definitely. You manage and you figure it. But it can be kind of hard.

Forum: You’re going to be the new swim coach this year. What is your interest and experience with that?

Johnson: I’ve actually been swimming since I was 10. And I’ve been coaching for about 15 years. It’s one of those things that I loved doing and was kind of meant to do. It’s a little nerve wracking, but I’m very excited about it.

Forum: Who’s in your family?

Johnson: I’m married. Two little girls, seven and four. We just moved to Colorado from Georgia.

Forum: What do you like best about Colorado?

Johnson: [I love] how active everyone is. I love having the opportunity to hike a fourteener in the summer because I can. That’s a huge part.  It’s just gorgeous here, that’s why we moved here.

Forum: Favorite movie?

Johnson: I love The Big Lebowski and Lost in Translation.

Forum: If you had a day to do anything, what would you do?

Johnson: I would probably be on Broadway. I was a musical theatre nerd in high school, and if I could [do anything] that would be it.

Forum: Favorite food?

Johnson: Malaysian and Thai.

Forum: What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Johnson: I like all music in general, except country. I love rap. I’m from Atlanta, so I love Jay-Z. I love dirty south rap. I have a very bizarre taste in music.