Spring into Spring with New Fashion Trends!

By Doann Tran

Skater skirts are a great new spring trend. Photo by NYCrecessionista
Skater skirts are a great new spring trend. Photo by NYCrecessionista

At last, the spring flowers are blooming and the winter snow is melting. With the weather heating up and spring break just around the corner, here’s 10 of the latest trends to catch you up for the season.

1) Skater Skirts

These “fit and flare” skirts give a dynamic style to any girl who wears them. You can easily pair them with a pair of wedges, a crop top, and a cardigan to dress up the occasion, or a pair of sneakers for a more casual look.

2) Infinity Scarves

Can scarves really go out of fashion? Nah. With scarves ranging from solid colors to multiple polka-dotted designs, they can always be used to spice up a boring outfit.

3) Colored Jeans

Since spring is all about bright colors, colored jeans definitely fit this category. Time to put away your boring blue jeans and pull out your colored jeans, ready to be fashionable.

4) Light Cardigans

These light and cozy cardigans can be added to any outfit to protect from the cold spring breeze. Not too warm and not too cold. Just right, for your everyday fashion essentials.

5) Cropped Jackets

Adding a cropped jean jacket to any outfit will make you feel more dressed up, while keeping it casual for school.

6) Floral Dresses

Since the days are getting warmer, dresses can finally come out of your closet ready to be worn and shown off.

7) Chiffon Tops

These breezy and pastel-colored tops are definitely a shoe-in for the season. Being fashionable, comfortable, and easy-to wear, you can pair with any pair of jeans and call it an outfit, without barely any effort.

8) Long Necklaces

One of the major fashion statement pieces that’s a must-have for any girl, long necklaces can be paired with practically anything to spice up a look or add some bling.

9) Anything and all lace!

2 words. White lace. This type of style has grown to be loved by many people as you can pair it with almost anything, especially with bright accent pieces and a belt around your hips.

10) Athletic Clothes…? Yes.

With the school year coming to an end, people have becoming lazy in the mornings to actually get dressed for school. Have no fear, here’s the down low. You can be comfortable and casual with a warm sweater/hoodie, any athletic colored shorts, and your favorite pair of bright tennis shoes. It’s cute and will catch on soon enough.

These 10 fashion trends will be just the thing for any girl who is looking for more ways to style their outfits. Being cute and adorable, they also hold a reputation of being comfortable and easy-to-wear any day.


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